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2 Inuyasha story's and 1 Oh my Goddess.

If you like one of my story idea’s please use it to make a great story of your own. Please just let me know so that I can read yours. Thanks.

Challanges taken down since no one wanted to try one. If you want to know what they where just e-mail me.

Here’s some personal info.

I am 32 years old (written in 2010), married (she is my Beta) with 4 kids (2 boys and 2 girls oldest 10 years old and youngest 5). If you read my stories you may find there names as I use there names, my brothers and sisters names or my nieces and nephews names, when I need a name. I am also learning disabled (language). This makes it very hard for me to write as I have cool ideas but I am not good at getting them out. Because of this I normal do not write much and when I do my wife gets stuck reading over it so people can understand it at least.

Please do not think it is strange if you get a few review on the same day from me at a time. A lot of times if I like a story or 2 from the same person I will try to read more of thiers while I am at work.

Favorite anima

1 Inuyahsa

2 Guyver

3 Oh my Goddess

4 Naruto

5 Bleach

Favorite parings

Inu/Kag – Sorry I can not see these 2 with anyone else

Mak/San- Same as above

Bell/Kei – Same again.

Naruto/Anko –I can see him with others but this is my fav. (Naruto/Huko and Naruto/TenTen very high up there also)

Some thing that suck with fanfiction

1) a fanfic that is never finished.

2) A fanfic that has people oc for no reason given for it. If there is a reason it can still work out well.

3) Guy on guy action. Sorry I am not into that

4) A sad or bad ending. I like fanfic with happy ending if I want a sad one real life has more then enough of them.

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