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Pen Name: Zane Rayphen

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Gender: Male

Age: Old enough

Race: Human... I think

Interests: Women, Writing, Technology, Life, etc

Universe Focus: Naruto, Evangelion, Eureka 7

Favorite Anime: Laid Back Camp is life right now

Home Pages: N/A for the moment

Update 3/16/18

Stories Chapter Completion:


Fics: numbers indicate level of importance, 1, of course being highest priority

1 Yin and Yang: /Evangelion Fanfiction

Summary: It's a Shinji Ikari who has just had a brush with death named Ramiel that arrives on the Over the Rainbow, he is shaken and unsure of which path he wishes to take forward. But a Feuergötten may be able to light the way for him and find herself saved by him in the process. They say opposites attract, but sometimes opposites are simply two sides of the same coin. Two Children given some of the worst cards life could throw at them dealt with the lemons life gave them two very different ways but in the end, they are more alike then anyone else.

2 A Bond of Prophecy (Fate Can Be Changed Rewrite): /Naruto Fanfiction (Under complete overhaul, sorry for the inconvenience, I plan to finish and post by (Yeah I've put a few dates here and its just not happened yet, it will happen though))

New Summary: Tsunade makes a decision to send Hinata with Naruto and Jaraiya on the training trip, believing doing so would improve her confidence. What she didn't realize was the life changing consequences such a decision would have. The Elder Toads vision is changed, and Naruto and Hinata are connected in a way no one ever has before as the unknown bears down on them with its own plans. lil AU

3 New Destiny: /Star Wars Fanfiction A New Jedi Order Fic inspired by A Destiny Altered by An Origami Fish

Summary: Ahsoka confronts her former Jedi master Darth Vader and ends up finding herself trapped in a cryopod... almost 40 years later she finds herself in another war, a war of genocide brought by the menace known as the Yuuzhan Vong.

4 Ninja War Z: /Naruto Fanfiction

Summary: In his quest for Immortality Orochimaru brought a deadly curse down upon the Elemental Nations. The Dead are rising from the shadows.

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