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Hi, I am a new fanfiction WRITER for Harry Potter I have read many fanfictions and most have amazed me. My favorite pair is Dramione and my least favorite pair would be Romione.

My posts will be 3 weeks regularly... maybe 1 month also :)

excuse my profile's family name :) .

I am a Slytherin and Slytherin's are NOT evil just misunderstood

Most of the stories/authors I have favorited r dramione if not all.. but plz check them out as some of them gave me inspiration to try to write my own and I am just going to state a few things... alsooo I'm no professional writer so I'm sorry if there are going to be many mistakes and the stories will be boring

hopefully I improve along the way with the criticism and likes? I really don't mind any type of comments so feel free to review whatever you want. If you guys do have some tips, they will be greatly appreciated!

Best Time Travel (my opinion ) - Once Upon A Thyme, Unsinkable

Best Dark Harry ( my opinion)- Dark Prince series.

Best Dramione Friendship ( my opinion) - Nifflers and Kneazles

Best Drama ( my opinion ) - The Fine Line between Love and Hate, The Devil Wears Prada and Simply Irresistible

Best After Hogwarts ( my opinion ) - Parents Too Young, Isolation, Tip of My Tongue

Best Dramione Story ( my opinion ) - Water, House Pet

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