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My name is eitherangel, born and raised in Sweden with a great passion in drawing and writing.

After I graduated High School, I went to Karlstad University and studied the program "Cultural Studies"- focus on "Art History" (between 2006-2010.) After the graduation, I came in to Gerlesborg School of Fine Art and studied there for two years (2010-2012).

Right now Im trying to focus on my art and my writing, use what I have learned from the University and Gerlesborg to become a Great Artist.

You can see in my gallery on deviantart, there are many different styles and quality in my works. Everything is inspired by Classic, Fantasy, Gothic and Modern Art. Im not shy in experimenting new things!

I love art, but I also like to write. Its mostly fanfiction right now but from the beginning I started to write my first story; my technique, style in writing, my imagination and especially my English (English is my second language.) have developed tremendously. By practicing, reading, listening, making mistakes and correct it, I have learned so much and I really hope that perhaps this training might, lead to create my own books in the future!

Im quite an daydreamer and lonewolf. Sometime I prefere be alone and just paint, write poetry or stories than face the harsh reality. I hate to to read the newspapers and everyday I read something bad: murder, war, rape and terrorists etc.! Ofcourse I like to go out and have fun with my friends, but I like to take my own path and do whatever I want.

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