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Well I am just your everyday overlord fan with too much time currently atleast

I am good with grammar in English but still can make mistakes sometimes . I am also good with lore(background) of anime world and with their power system, production system and spells and all magic function stuff although I am most knowledgeable about is OVERLORD Verse because of which i know one or two things about dnd but compare to OVERLORD my knowledge on dnd about things like lore, monster types and spell ,job class ,race etc are very mediocre so if you want to ask me something about dnd then ask someone else and if topic is intresting tell me too later after you got your answer .

  1. Well back to me i like trying new anime and manga but not with forceful gender bending in it but reincarnation is fine till it is not just about "how a cute girl live her life while doing cute things " they just make me feel sick .

  2. slice of life with totally normal life well if story is intresting or unique i am fine trying it but if not of my type then I just drop it all in all it's just not my cup of tea.

  3. Haram i am fine with it till it not just like catching girls like Pokemon or something or story is just about how mc fucking all the girls.

  4. Ecchi till it not just about "Ohhh yes come more deep inside me " or something like this because I got porn sites which have more good visual and Audio

  5. Yaoi I don't need to tell or do I?

Well anyway this are categories of anime and manga i hate Which are not on list i am pretty much fine with them

dislike MC types- Arrogant over power which he/her Never worked for or borrowed , stupid , one's with head under belt pretty much all the time , don't take responsibility for their actions, don't improve their skills with time , destroy or kill without any reason or thought , have no realistic world view of how world work, non-negotiable pretty much they never listen to any peaceful solution where both parties can coexist in peace and lastly are self righteous or self centred .

like MC - Have clear goal, presence of mind ,Care about people they cherish , good parent this are must quality other till not opposite to this are ok till MC is not too much of a nuisance or have any quilty mention in 'dislike MC' section.

Good Ruler - Know what he/she is doing, Make sure people under his/her rule live a good life and make sure their lives are improving day by day, don't mix up personal feeling or believe in his/her duty as a ruler , know how to handle corruption and control it , connect with people under him/her like know what their problems are or even just make appearances in public sometime, try to improve economy and military power, don't wage war for no reason but always ready for it , not a racist and don't entertain even any thoughts of it. Till this qualities are present in a ruler with some good sincere and competent advisers that country got good future ahead unless something major happens examples of good rulers Jircniv Rune Farlord El-Nix or Draudillon Oriculus both from Overlord, Gazel Dwargo from Tensura and last but never the least

King of the Sorcerer Kingdom

Guildmaster and Overlord of Nazarick Supreme One

Strongest Magic Caster

King of Darkness

Sorcerer King

Ainz Ooal Gown.

Well this is pretty much it. bye .

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