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Hello hello!

I'm Dragonmaster65 / firelord65 / feckyeslife! You can call me Sarah or feck or really anything.

I've been writing fanfic for ten years now and man does that make me feel old. I love experimenting with new styles of fics, new ways of writing the characters and plots that I adore. My updates are not as frequent as I'd like them to be, but I do take care to ensure that each is done well.

I'm not going to list my ships or any such nonsense. There are too many at this point and more pop up every day! I will say that I have a zero-bullshit tolerance. Don't like what I write? I can respect that so long as you're not a dick. Close the tab and move on. Con-crit of my writing or characterization is totally fine by me but hate is just going to get deleted.

I'm always down to chat, so feel free to PM me if you want to say hi or talk about fic! send me an email! Since FF has apparently shut off PM notifications for good, if you want to say hi you can contact me at feckyeslife(at)gmail(dot)com! That's my fandom email which I check about once a day. Or if you're on Discord, you can find me a feckyeslife#2003. I really do miss the community that used to be a part of FF. It's such a shame that the site mods aren't doing (apparently) anything to help maintain it.

Happy reading!



Please don't ask me if I'm going to continue a fic that is marked [Complete] or [Oneshot].

Right now I am fairly heavily involved in fic exchanges on Dreamwidth or on AO3. If you're wondering why there are more oneshots cropping up, that is why! I have been enjoying the smaller projects to focus on, not to mention getting to create a nice gift for a stranger.

I'm a moderator in a multi-shipper Star Wars discord server. If you're looking for more people to squee about any ship (popular or not), let me know! I can send you the link.

I'm also part of a Divergent discord server hosted by someone else. We're pretty darn active despite the fandom quieting down. Again, I am more than happy to send over a link!

UPDATED 29 Sept 2020

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