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To whom it may concern or rather is bored enough to actually read this.

I am in the process of building up devotion/uncaringness to continue writing but come just up with ideas with no real way of knitting those into a cohesive kind of story. Because one-offs are not my thing it's unlikely I just regorgitate ideas as such unto this site but am willing to share/inspire others.

On a related note, consider all of my work up for adoption and plagiarism or whatever term you need on related sites to not get called out for stealing storys. The only reason I started was so I may have more to read myself. Last of all feel free to contact me for a back and forth of ideas as a kind of human whiteboard, heard the description somewhere and it stuck.

Am in the middle of rethinking how I can approach magic and such in the storys I wrote already and may just write the ones already up into the ground and rewrite at a later time. 'Hindsight 20/20' and 'learn from your mistakes made' yada yada, but am just not yet at the point where I'm willing to make mistakes on the stuff I intend for others to read and fail to muster up momentum for drafts of stuff I have to reread and correct after writing it before releasing.

I am sitting on a chapter each for the storys I wrote and am trying to just forget what I wrote to go at it from zero as if someone else wrote them... In the end just venting here and just not interested enough to pump more energy into my own creation... sad huh? Whatever, messages acceptable in english and german. For those really reading through all this and a

TLDR thanks in advance for messaging me and will answer if my curiosity gets peaked aka got nothing better to do.

Um die Englischsprachler zu verwirren und für die die es kennen:

Obwohl die Nas

ob spitz ob lang

zwei Flügel Nasenflügel hat

so hält sie doch nicht viel vom fliegen

Nein das laufen

scheint ihr mehr zu liegen.

-Heinz Erhardt-

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