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New Changes and Junk:

So, I haven't changed my profile in awhile, now have I? Lawl. So I just wanted to address a few things, mostly frequently asked questions that people inbox me about, etc. etc. etc. don'twannaboreyoutoolongwithmyranting.

Basic information: I moved out of my parent's house in May, got a job, and have to usually drive three of my roommates to work on a regular basis, personal mood swing problems that I'm also hopefully gonna have fixed (Sometimes depression, so work with me), and I've only recently started getting motivation to write fan-fictions back, as oppose to a rush or ideas I got for my original works I hope to create on the screens one day. I'm taking a semester off of school to help work with the personal aspects of my um...emotional wildness, and maybe give me more time for myself to do what I want instead of what's expected of me.

But anyway, onto specific matters

So, first order of business,

Halo: RvB mashups:

Okay, so, I get asked frequently if I'm going to update this story. Honestly guys, the first one I felt was great. I loved writing it, it was lotsa fun. The second one, even while I was writing the first few chapters just weren't doing it for me. And then I thought about the rest of the Halo 2 story, then Halo 3, and now Halo 4, and honestly I just couldn't do it. And part of the inspiration I originally got from writing that first story was the major thing RvB lacked was action. Now, it's go more action then Clint Eastwood rapping against Bruce Lee. Plus, do you have ANY godly idea how hard it is to make the Arbiter funny?

So, if you want to try to take the second story into your own hands, be my guest. You can do the third, and fourth one too if you're so inclined. I remember someone wrote a story where Blue Team took place of Red Team, and honestly, the writing style was a lot better than mine. Funnier too, if I recall. I may try to write more RvB stories in the future, cause I love that series, but don't hold your breath for Halo 2: Redder than Ever to be updated. I'll keep it up, but as for updating? Don't expect it.

Left 4 Dead/Pray 4 Mercy:

So, this is a series I truly did love writing like no other. Problem was, I tried to bring in a story too late into the game I felt, and lost the sense of direction that the story was heading. So, I'm planning a reboot.

Yep, I'm gonna rewrite Back 4 More, starring the original cast, make it more story driven, and more intense and realistic. I'm gonna try to condense what I wanted to do with Pray 4 Mercy and Back 4 More together into the RE: Back 4 More story. If I write RE: Pray 4 Mercy, it'll be what I was gonna do with the third story, which I can't find my original notes for anymore, but I still remember what I wanted to do anyway lol.

Dunno how long it'll take to write it, but I'm doing as much as I can with what time I have, and what motivation comes to me.

WoF Series:

Not much to say about this. I update when I can, and I'm CONSTANTLY changing little details based on the manga and whatnot crap xP As I always tell people, I work on it when I have motivation, and update when I can. I don't think I exactly realized how big this project would become when I started it...stupid me taking too much on my plate at once xP That's all for that one.

And now...onto a matter that I've been debating and going back and forth on for awhile now...a subject that has now basically been forced upon my hand to take action...


Yeah, I get the feeling I'm gonna piss off a LOT of people with this one. Basically, I've decided to remove the lemons from my profile.

And oh, I expect hatemail out of the ass.

But ya know what, I have no motivation anymore to write them. I started writing them a long time ago in high school when hormones were abound and what have you. Now? I see the smut I wrote as, well, smut. I've been focusing mostly on plot driven stories, and I don't think lemons have a place on my profile anymore. I appreciate all the support and reviews I got for said lemons, but they've gotta go.

I have copies of them still on my laptop and desktop at my parent's house, and I'm basically putting them up for adoption. You wanna adopt them? Fine. Give me credit where credit is due. I'm tired of people stealing stories I've spent time on, even the lemons.

The only exception will be Naruto's Wonderful Training Exercises, which I'm not deleting until I find one person willing to adopt it. Why? Cause, well, I do actually still like it. But it's going eventually either way.

Don't bother sending me messages asking me to reconsider, write something new, update, or repost anything. I'm done writing lemons. It's my choice, if ya don't like it, there are plenty of better authors than me writing smuttier pieces. If you ignore this and message me anyway, I'm going to ignore it. You've been warned.

Final Message:

Thank you everyone who understands everything above. Sorry to those who don't. And I appreciate the loyalty and patience of everyone who has followed and supported me thus far. I promise I'll continue to do the best that I can to update and write stories as much as I possibly can. Have a good day all.

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