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Real name: Wouldn't you like to know!

Pseudonyms: Toffee (don’t ask me why)

Nom de plume: doncaster


Well hobby wise it would be most accurate to say that they are writing in many forms and formats though most never find their way into the public eye. I also war game, for those of you to whom that means something my main collection is German 25/ 28mm Western front and Italian front. I spend inordinate amounts of time brooding and pouring over various philosophies in the hope that one day I may create my own tablet of values. You may be able to tell by this that I am heavily influenced by Nietzsche. I also enjoy music of the romantics, especially Wagner.

Generally my likes are coffee, coffee and more coffee. (I make no bones about it I am an addict.) I of course enjoy a wide range of computer and consol games, military history this could actually go on for quite a while so lets leave it here. Though it would be interesting to note that my self confessed coffee addiction, delusions of grandeur, moments of sinister control and occasional outbursts of just down right insanity made the Zant with coffee mug picture simply irresistible.

Dislikes. Unreasonable people with uneducated or irrational opinions. The unnecessary impolite, impressionist and overly abstract art with one or two notable acceptations.

Favourite game: Bloody hell that is a hard one, so many games do so many things to me and in so many different ways but I have to say that the game that provokes the fondest memories and in weird ways influences me to this day is legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time (I just realised that came out a while ago and now I feel really old)

Favourite film: See above, different films do different things to me and it is hard to judge one above the other. I suppose it depends on what range of emotions you like but a few I would recommend would be Casablanca, Arsenic and Old Lace, The third man, Das Boot, Hot Fuzz, Dam Busters, Fatherland, All quiet on the western front (original), Gettysburg, Ronin, Stalingrad. The list really does go on. You can see why I had problems.

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