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Pen Name: Nikkitty aka Xiaonikki

Age: 18

Gender: Female

Likes: Martial arts, Pink, shopping, movies, Reviews!!

Dislikes: Maths , no reviews =(

Hi Hi Everyone my names Nikayla =D

Im new to Fanfiction ... well sort of . So far i'v written two fanific called..

Midnight Reflections on a Condor - Aerrow and Piper pairing but im running out of ideas for this fic so if you have any ideas plz tell me =)

Beloved Knights - Its a DrakAce and Piper pairing so expect lots of drama hehe theirs also alot of Aerrow/Piper loving just so everyones happy. still in progress tho

And remember to REVIEW!!


Heres a list of some my fav pairings :


Xiaoyu/Jin - Cuteness

Hwrounge/Auska - Come on its obvious they suit each other

Storm Hawks:

Aerrow/Piper - adoreable!! like the episode when Piper was doing her sky fu oh yer i saw him checking her out hehe

DarkAce/Piper - Twisted yet so right


Sonic/Amy - Everyone knows their right for each other

Shadow/Amy - I just think they would luk cute together in a weird kind of way

Tails/Cream - sweetness !!


New Storm Hawks Fic Alert!!

Beloved Knights!! Out Now !! on Fanfiction.net

I finally completed my third Chapter of Beoved Knights check it out it out and dont forget to review hehe

o.OXiaonikki O.o


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