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i changed my name from amutoforeverz95 to auslly4ever in honor of a new show that i am obsessed with

i am probably the most mixed up girl you will ever meet, and here is why

1. i luv favorite one is ouran high school host club, soul eater, and inuyasha

2. i'm a 16yr old who actually likes some of the disney channel shows.

3. i like good luck charlie (to an extent), wizards of waverly place (but just the ones that are in a series), sonny with a chance(i fell in love with it when i was 12 or thirteen i can't remember), jonas la (i luv nick and macy)

4. i hate the jonas brothers (i liked the show,but i hate their music, if that makes an sense), justin bieber, twilight(i like the book series, but i hated the movies,i don't think vampires should be "sparkly")homophobes(gay, straight, or bi, they are still human beings)

5. i am absolutely obsessed with Austin&Ally(those two made me do a double take on the entire show)

6. i luv harry potter(fav pairing is dramione, hey it can happen...maybe)

7. i am absolutely infatuated with degrassi, the old and new one (loved it since i was 8, Eclare FTW)

8. i like icarly (they are ridiculously funny, but i luv seddie)

9. i have my childish moments(then again, who doesn't)

10. i have had one hell of a roller coaster life, but i am always happy(but not annoyingly happy, don't worry i've learned how to balance it out ;)

11. i listen to rock(skillet, breaking benjamin, rise against,mcr)

12. i listen to pop(ke$ha, bruno mars, boys like girl, the band perry)

13. i will have days where i will do something childish that i haven't done in years(like today for example, i went on to , and played cyberchase for 3 hours straight)

13. i luv the series house of night

14. i luv vampire knight

15. there are some days where i will read nothing but rated M stories, and then there are days where those stories completely disgust me.

16. i blame my little sisters for the childish side of me, but i also thank them

maybe after listing all of those things, maybe I'm not so mixed up(i don't know, you decide) ;)

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