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I'm a part time student who loves to travel and move around, but due to circumstances that are out of my control I am stuck in my current location. I'm currently trying to earn my second degree, this one in history. Recently I have been blessed in finding a job that I at least halfway enjoy and am currently trying to work my way through school. Unfortunately, that means that my free time is extremely limited so it may take me a while to update my stories. Also, I'm extremely picky about the quality of work that I post and have a bad habit of editing something five million times before I finally post it. Please bear with me and I'll try to make it worth the wait.

When I do have free time I like to write fan fiction and create fan videos about some of my favorite movies and TV shows. You can find my videos at http://www.youtube.com/americanfairy. In case anyone is interested my writings, and my blog, can also be found at http:///. There, you might also find some of my original writings. Not that I think those stories are anything spectacular, but feel free to let me know either here or on LJ what you think.

Comments and reviews mean a lot to me as they feed the muse. I'm not kidding, they really do! It's like giving my muse a candy buzz. So, feel free to contact me and let me know what you think.

A few stories and authors that I recommend:

- Pretty much anything by RissyJames. Granted, I've only really read her Tin Man work, but her writing style is just amazing! Tell her that AmericanFairy said hi!

- Also, anything by Truish. Her Gundam Wing stories are just amazing! If someone is going to write about the next After Colony generation and do it well, this is your girl (Not to be confused with that train wreck known as Frozen Teardrop. Seriously, what is Sumisawa thinking?).

- Be sure you check out Reality Check Please by Tenchi Heiyanna. It is absolutely addicting! The original characters are great, the characterizations of the cannon characters is perfect, and the plot is complex enough to have me wondering what will happen next.

- Crossing Paths and Cryptic by Anne Fatalism Dilettante are two wonderful Gundam 00 stories. I have to admit that I'm not usually a big fan of AU stories, but these have me hooked.

- I don't consider Mobile Suit Gundam 00: Create the Future by RebornExile to be an AU story. It's more like a rewrite. Which is actually quite a good thing. There are quite a few elements to his story that would have made the Gundam 00 movie so much better! Not that I really hated the movie, I just thought that the series had set the bar to a certain height and the film didn't quite make it.

On a side note:

Second Chances is currently discontinued until further notice. I started this back when I knew hardly anything about writing. I never outlined this story and as a result wrote myself into a place that I'm not sure I can get out of. Maybe one day I'll be able to go back and revise it, but not right now.

Something I Can Never Have is still being worked on. I apologize for the slow updates, but between work and school it's hard to find time the time to write. Unless it's at 2 AM and trust me you do NOT want to read my 2 AM writing! It's just ugly.

I may or may not try my hand in the Gundam Wing fandom. I've just start revisiting it after a 10 year hiatus and have found myself falling in love with the story and the characters all over again. I've also got a few Gundam 00 stories brewing in my head. However, I'm going to do these stories right and outline them first before I start posting chapters. I made the mistake of not doing that with Second Chances and you can see where it got me. What? I was still a newbie writer, okay? Lesson learned. :-)

Hmm... That's pretty much it about me. I hope you enjoy my stories!

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