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Hi Readers!

I never knew about FanFiction until after watching When Calls the Heart, Season 8, Episode 12 and the devastating disappointment many fans experienced over Elizabeth's choice. FanFiction became a way to heal from that loss, and I discovered a whole new world! Many of the writers here are amazing! And friendships have grown from it.

In real life, I'm a Christian wife, mom and Grammie to six wonderful grands! I've been in the corporate world, am an entrepreneur and am semi-retired.

Kevin McGarry has been a favorite of mine from the time he walked in Maggie's door in Heartland. It is through that show that I first came to know of him and fell in love with his Mitch character and his incredible acting skills! So needless to say, when WCTH cast him as Nathan, I was thrilled and wanted him and Elizabeth together from the moment he entered the story. I knew he was a wise choice by the casting team to try to take up the huge hole that losing Jack left.

Heartland has been a favorite show from watching the very first episode. It was so hard losing Ty from that show, and then when Mitch was dropped, it was a second blow. After Ty died and we lost the continuing of his and Amy's beautiful love story, and the show began to explore possibilities for Amy, there was no one I ever felt could come close to measuring up to Ty other than Mitch. I'd seen the sweet chemistry between him and Amy from their first meeting. So I'd wished for a way for them to be together for quite a while. (Finn had begun to grow on me, but I know so many of us were deeply saddened at the sudden real-life loss of Robert Cormier.) And when Lou let Mitch go, an idea for pairing Mitch and Amy came to me late one night as I was trying to get to sleep while we were keeping close watch on forest fires on two sides of where we live. Envisioning scenes in the story became a bit of escape for me from the real-life situation we were facing. As my story, Friendship to Home, began to develop in my imaginings, it would not let go of me. And when the show had Lou and Peter get back together, it solidified the story even more for me.

I never dreamed I'd ever be anything but a reader of FanFiction, but a few other author friends encouraged me, and after a few months, I finally decided to give writing my story a try. It may be the only one I ever write, but I had to get it onto the written page. It has stretched me and helped me to develop a part of me I never knew existed. With the wise counsel of four amazing mentors (BetterThanWCTHSeason8WritersJK, CKJustice, Eilie Hunter, and my Alberta friend who knows who she is), my story was born.

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