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Currently juggling real life, sword training and half a dozen ideas for writing projects.

PaypaI if anyone wants to throw money at me: RudiusKaiser(AT)

Timeline of writing:

In the Dark (Fate/Stay Night)

A sort of "origin" story for Emiya, where I tried to incorporate as many small details and ideas I had about Emiya prior to his contract. About how he would grow as a Faker without the advice give to him by Heroic Spirit Emiya in the guise of Archer. Something in line with what Nasu spoke of Shirou needing twenty years to master UBW. My biggest goal for myself with it was to simply finish it; to be able to say "I wrote something and didn't quit halfway through. The theme is the title, really, which in hindsight—and alongside the realization that it is a rather common name—feels somewhat less appropriate than it was at the time.

Looking back, I am not entirely satisfied with it and having played Extella I felt a lot of similarities which devalue it somewhat, but I'm still proud of what it is.

Avalon/First Order (written with a colon because ffnet won't allow / in titles :V) (Fate/Stay Night X Fate/First Order(the FGO OVA animation about the first Singularity in Fuyuki))

A simple "what if Shirou and Saber from Fate were involved in the events of Singularity F?" which turned out rather pleasing. I really like the idea of Shirou and Saber from Avalon getting to do stuff, because of what kind of people they must have become. They act as Paragons of what the main characters of a story can become, somewhat fitting for Ritsuka and Mash as role models in their first crisis. (Also, powerlevel-wanking my favorite Fate characters :V)

Theme of "overcoming the hard times" in various forms and stages. Ritsuka and Mash beginning their journeys; Archer and Saber Alter as those who have been led astray from the path they originally chose as they have forgotten what they believed in before; Shirou and Artoria as the ones who have seen through their journeys and reached the end, achieving something akin to peace or even a form of enlightenment there. Overall, quite satisfied with it.

Unlimited Babe Works & UBWᐩ1 (Fate/Stay Night) (And seriously, you can't write a PLUS sign into titles OR the profile page? That's just silly, ffnet!)

Silly oneshots that I wrote in a single sitting, after I struggled with various ideas and projects for months. They did not seem to want to get off the ground and even as I got some 20k into the story, I always hesitated in publishing them. If I can't picture an ending how could I write the middle part satisfyingly either, or something like that.

A stress relief and writing exercise, really. Pretty funny, but most people probably won't like them.

Man off the Moon: (Fate/Stay Night x Mass Effect)

Emiya's adventures in Mass Effect. WIP

Growing into insane proportions already, but great fun! Thessia was kind of a chore, though. Planning to pick up again after the long break.

Remember, Remember: (Fate/Hollow Ataraxia)

My first attempt at writing smut, turned pretty emotional somehow. Was a blast to write.

Desperate Foxwife: (Fate/Extra?)

Was asked to write something with Tamamo married to Emiya. Something of an odd idea, really. Should learn to keep my mouth shut.

Eye of the Mind: (Fate)

An essay I wrote on the spur of the moment, only to realize the format isn't allowed here some week later and promptly deleted. You can find it at:

forums DOT spacebattles DOT com /threads/nasu-fic-rec-and-fic-discussion-thread-3-not-an-idea-thread.301761/page-723#post-53919010

Hamartia: (Fate)

Just something I wrote while feeling annoyed.

The Lion, the Witch and the Vanishing Cabinet: (Harry Potter x Skyrim)

Wanted to get some practice before I started up MotM again, but it's become quite enjoyable to write in and of itself.

Will probably continue updating it even as I continue MotM, if at a much slower pace.

Singularity E (false): (Fate/Grand Order)

An attempt at figuring out how Emiya would actually behave at Chaldea after part 1 is over and the world is (apparently) safe again, given that none of his issues have been resolved. Kind of just me shitting on Demiya and then having laugh at Gil. Fun little thing, nothing more.

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