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I am a male. If you cant figure it out too bad.

I dislike Racism and Aristocracy. I beleive fully in Democracy. I am a supporter of Socialism. The need from ecofriendly future is best seen in this unless a newer system of economy comes to play. I also dislike religious fanatics. Religion is a right of people. All paths leads to God so there is no need to look down or hate people because of religion. I am also a nature lover.

Likes: Star Trek,Bleach, Chronicles of the Wings, Fullmetal Alchemist, Mobile suit gundam, Battlestar Galactica, Ranma, Naruto, Halo,Pokemon, Tenchi Muyo.

I like timetravel, Interdimensional Transport Stories, Self Inserts.

The pairings I like of Ranma are Ranma/Kasumi, Ranma/Hinako, Ranma/Ranko.

Ranma/Kasumi is the pairing I like the most as I see that she is what Ranma needs the most and Kasumi just as badly needs the support of Ranma. They are kindered souls and are serious about their likes.

Ash/May or with Dawn or Bianca(both from Altomere or Unova) or Georgia is fine with me.

NaruHina is my favourite followed by Naruto/Shion or Naruto/Koyuki.

Pairings of Bleach IchiHime followed by IchiNel.

Orihime loved Ichigo from the start. She loves him so much that she is ready to face ANYTHING in the captivity of Aizen. It need not just be hurt or torture but sexual assault well.

Crossover pairings of Ranma

Ranma/Sasami From Tenchi Muyo

Ranma/Sailor scouts any.

Ranma/Lacus from GSD

Ranma/Moka From Rosario vampire.

Ranma/Eva from Negima.

Crossover Pairings of Bleach.

I do love to keep IchiHime in the crossovers as well but if it is not well anyother will do. Same with NaruHina.

Pairings I dislike.

Ranma/Akane. This relation is dead even before it started. Akane is an abuser and Ranma a victim of expectation. This relation will end up in divorce or death of Ranma from abuse or Akane's after Ranma snaps.

Ichigo/Rukia. I believe this is a platonic love. He sees her as a friend or sister.

UlqiHime. This is the stupidest pairing I ever heard. This guy practically tortures her mentally, takes away everything she loves and tries his damnest to kill the one she fully loves in front of her. Unless Orihime is affected with the biggest fricking case of Stockholm Syndrome or superbly fickle minded this is just impossible. Same with Grimmjow or any other Arrancar. Orihime with Renji is also a stupid thing as he clearly likes Rukia. They rarely see each other is any light rather than acquaintences.

Naruto pairings especially with Tsunade or Sakura. Frankly Tsunade is a mother figure and a relative of him. Unless people like incest this is freaky. Sakura is a plain sadist and she does not even deserve him. I think the crush on her is a brain damage of Naruto. Also pairings of Hinata/Sasuke is also way too stupid. Sasuke likes only power. He will not even take notice of Hinata. Hinata is the same as Orihime. They love their men too much to even think about anyone else.

Ash/Misty I frankly cant see this going anywhere. She verbally abuses him because of jelousy. Ash/Iris is also the same. Iris and misty are too same.

Now coming to Yaoi and Yuri.

Honestly they do not appeal to me as I am a Straight guy. But I will not begrudge anyone based on their preferance. Stories of loveless, D.N.Angel are a good example. However the astonishingly large number of those stories confounds me. They do not even have anything in them but disgusting fantasies of people. Smut is good if it fits a story. This is true with any gender preferance. But frankly these stories I see... best not go in there.

Ichigo, Naruto, Ranma and Ash are straight people. They like women and will not go into Yaoi. This may be fanfiction, but seriously common you guys.

I love Halo as a game the most followed my all time favourite sci fi that is STAR TREK. Hail the king baby. However they do not go well as crossovers. Star trek and Halo however go well with Mass effect.

I also like technical debates of Fictions. I especially dislike Halo weapons. Really we are using the same caliber weapons as in Vietnam War. You would think Humanity after acheiving Tier-3 status and Tier-2 status would use better guns or atleast Railguns or Gauss Guns. So these are my ideas for these guns of Halo.

The first is a Railgun as you very well know. This is perfectly vaible with the advent of very efficient batteries and mini nuke reactors.

Another thing is that the slugs of MAC are so ridiculously large. We can tone it down by increasing the speed. Just some kinetic physics and viola we have a better yeild and significanly lighter round which allows more ammunition. Based on the formula K.E=1/2mv*2, these are the following values.
600 tons/30 KMPS= 5 tons/330 KMPS. Improved one shoots 5 tons/3000 KMPS.
3000 tons/12000 KMPS= 60 tons/ 85000KMPS. Improved ones shoot 60 tons/120000 KMPS

Improved Onagers 1/2 ton/3000 KMPS.

Ship AA gun round 500 gm/200 KMPS.

Defense Turret round 10 kg/300 KMPS.

Scorpion Tank round 2 kg/60 KMPS.

Vehicle based Chain Gun round 7gm/40 KMPS

HMG round 20 gm/50 KMPS.

LMG round 2 gm/30 KMPS.

Assault Rifle round 0.75 gm/30 KMPS.

Battle Rifle round 1 gm/32 KMPS.

DMR round 1.5 gm/34 KMPS

Sniper Rifle round 2 gm/40 KMPS.

Pistol round 1 gm/30 KMPS.

The second is a shape charged projectile. The propellant is a plastic explosive which is electrically ignired that fire a round of any caliber of your choice at hypersonic speeds, maybe mach 7 or 8. This is very effective in a planetary atmosphere.

The third is an electrically reactive propellant that turns briefly into plasma. Here the tricky part is to keep that plasma from going into the magazine. This is very simple to correct by having an elecetric field on top of the magazine and this stops to let the round into the chamber. The round is prferably a ceramic round that then takes the plasma and absorbs it or is coated with it increasing the effective damage of the round.

Another thing I wanted to talk aboud is the sheilding. Covenant uses plasma shields and the Forerunners use hardlight shields. From what I can understand from the prehistoric human empire is that they use an Electric Magnetic Gravimetric EMG Repulsive shield that repulses any thing that interacts with these forces. That is pretty much all weapons. Even nukes and Antimatter bombs must convert into these forms to do damage. So the ships are pretty much protected from every thing.

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