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Random stuff i don't know where to write:

1. I'm bad in english... So when i write something there will be mistakes... and a lot of them. I'm bad in russian too... Heh.

2. I hate Negima fics with 15yo Negi. Damn, people, think by brain and not by ass! Negi is hardtrainer and with reason - even without Ku or Eva after 5 years he will be at least 5-10 times stronger than at manga start!

3. When somebody writes a fic (or even translation) (s)he often uses japanese words, sometimes keeps honorifics and almoust always drops japanese name order. I hate that. It must be other way around - name order is important thing when there are not only japanese characters in action (ex. Nanoha - see Alisa (european), Fate(mid), Nakajima's (japanese names - but european (mid) order!)), honorifics can be overused but sometimes they important (and usually dropped where they should be and written where they can be dropped :( ) and japanese words don't needed in most fics at all and are looking stupid.

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