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Hi!! I'm also LAXtotheMAX-another user- by the way. Let me know if I am missing any stories to be published and I will publish them on here

too! I'm in 7th grade. I am achristain and I have a talent in singing, which I often do at my

church. My favorite christain singers are: Tobymac, Mathew west, Danny gokey, for king and country, and a

few more. My favorite songs are: Scars from tobymac, Unstobable by sia, Happier by marshmallow Till the day i die by tobymac, A real

life by greek fire, and more. I like a mix of songs. My recent favorite character is Rocky from Lackadaisy. (My

first fanfic will be about him. It's called "Mirrored gaze".) I've always been a sonic fan with shadow the

hedgehog as my favorite character, and the Hooligans as my favorite sonic team. I like reading books-mostly

spy ones (Spy school)-but one of my favorites is Unbirthday from the series Disney twisted tales, and my

favorite comic will always be sonic. (I can't chose between archie and IDW.) I found out I like the siper-verse in the Marvel comics, and one of

my favorite shows are Teen titans/Teen titans go with Beast boy as my favorite character! Spy x family is also pretty cool-especially Anya-and

I also like Link as the small chibi character. I like drawing almost as much as

I like writing fanfic. As for my favorite physical things to do, I love lazer tag, bowling, dodgeball and

Badminton. I wish I could be a better artist so I could draw my visions more clearly, which is frustrating

when I can't. I like video games, even when I'm terrible at them-First time playing Mariokart, don't judge me!! I really like cartoon animations,

shows, and movies. (By the way, he you SEEN the Lackadaisy

pilot and season 1 trailer?!! It looks so much like Disney no lie!) Anyway the last thing I have to say, is countdown till Season 1 for LAX to the

MAX crew!! Some inside scoops say that Tracy butler is about to release 5 episodes for season 1 and small mini episodes, too!! Donate and

get rewards like the new things about to come out today! -Near 2024 that is- : Key chains, plushies, the card game, and even the books!!

Here are some life-saver interesting links:

Read all comics online-literally!-just type the comic name and the website name and you'll be done!! It's all free!! (Better watch out for those annoying adds, though.): https:///

!! You get to talk to your favorite characters!! Never pass this up guys!! :https:///

Quotev!!! One of the best quiz websites!! :https:///

We all know this guys: Youtube. Should I say any more?

. You should get this by now. Alright, Alright, I'm done now. I'm done.

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