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Hi. Call me Venus. I don't wanna share my age. Haha. And i also don't wanna share my stories. Maybe later. All i'm doing right now is reading lots of great fan fictions from this site and i enjoy it. Keep up the good work, guys!!! =)

Favorites : Twitter, internet, music, anime, manga, shopping, Starbucks, chicken, animals, money, spring, books, my family, moon, night, shoes, clothes, make-up, Japanese drama, Japanese pop, etc.

Dislikes : Animal abuse and cruelty, butcher, cheater, my flatmates, disrespectful people, dishonesty, bullying, earthworms, etc

Quotes : Love, Learn, Live.

I'm a little disappointed and sad about the stories that has been abandoned. Most of it are really good and I've enjoyed reading it. I hope the writers planned on updating because their fans are breathlessly waiting for every chapter they put out there. =) I also kinda abandon fanfics that make Sakura Haruno a main character. I regretted having added those fanfics to my favorite list and im looking for ways to un-favorite it, if there is such a thing. But i'm quite busy right now. =( And for the authors, i mostly review to beg for updates. But there's really loads of talented writers in here.

Kinds of fanfiction that i hate :

Harem (Hello! I'm a woman and i don't share so how can i relate?)

Violence against animals (Humans can defend themselves so i don't really care that much about them. But when it comes to animal abuse of any kind, that's when i react. lol. I don't give to charities that is geared towards helping/improving human lives but i'm an active animal rights activist and support many animal causes.)

When writers would put Sakura in an emo mode and would write something like, "After all Sasuke did to her, she still loves him." (Hello! Did people read the manga or watch the anime? What did Sasuke ever do to Sakura anyways? I'm not a Sasuke fan and there are times i hate him but i'm trying to be fair here. Sasuke betrayed Konoha and his teammates but it was nothing personal to Sakura! The world does not revolve around her, you know. In fact, when you think about it, Sasuke did a lot of things to Naruto like attempt to kill him a lot of times and he isn't acting like victim. Sasuke and Sakura was never a couple and everything was all in her mind. So why should she feels like Sasuke betrayed her personally? He betrayed Konoha and their team but it's not her! He doesn't owe her anything.)

OC (They don't exist so i'm feel like i'm wasting time when i should be reading about my favorite characters. Don't get me wrong. There are some original characters that are nicely-written but i hope they don't become the main character. As OC, they should be a support. But most OC's i've read, they are these awesome people with god-like powers and it kinda takes away from the story.)

Stories glorifying crimes and vices (I know crimes and vices exist in real world and life is not perfect. So i can handle stories where the character gets raped or tortured or whatever gruesome things the author can think of. What i can't handle, however, are stories that offers a screwed up version of reality. One example is : drugs. Drugs are vices. In the real world, you take drugs, you become an addict. Someday, you will die. Your family or relationships are screwed up. I'm passionate about this. I don't think people who use drugs are happy or live in a relatively safe and stable environment. So, for an author to write stories, say, about 2 supposed friends who are doing drugs and they have a happy ending. Bullsh*t! That's not reality. Reality is, people betray each other even in stable relationships. So, how much more in a relationship where there is drugs? There is no happy ending for people who do drugs until they've changed. Look at Lindsay Lohan, for example or Paris Hilton. Her friends betrays her all the time. Reality is, when you're stoned, you're denying and escaping from something that is wrong in your life. You are not happy. Besides, whatever you do, no matter how small it is, there is a consequence. That is reality. But some stories here made it as if there can be happiness with this kind of life. Remember, when you don't study for an exam, you will fail. When you run over someone while driving, whether intentional or not, you're going to jail. Freedom in life is a responsibility so i often don't get why people glorify these kind of stories without repercussions for their actions.)

Stupid characters (You are the author of the story. You have the power to create a literary masterpiece or improve an already created story or character. But why do people insist on writing stupid characters? I read one story where a character was raped, beaten almost every night, was being forced to prostitute herself, etc. And she fell in love with the guy responsible!!! I get that one out of 10 Trillion people in the world might have experience something like this...but this is not real. As a woman, if i'm forced into that situation, i would still probably do what the character did to survive...but i will never fall in love with the one who ruined me. In the real world, you hit someone, you get hit back with a lawsuit.)

BDSM and all those kinks (Ok, to each his own. But since this is my page, this will be about what i feel and what i think. I loathe BDSM. For me, it's just a lame excuse to play and humiliate someone else. And i dont read those kind of stories. There are times that i skim them because i like the character, mostly. But most of the time, i dont read stories about these at all. Being an independent woman, this lifestyle horrifies me and no matter what people who practiced it explained to me, i still dont and wont understand. I love my freedom. Sure, i can probably roleplay with my partner but it's tame. It's just to add a spice to our sex life. But you wouldn't caught me dead practicing this lifestyle. Id rather divorce my partner! Honestly, people who are into these are sick and needed a psychiatrist. Because this isn't normal human behavior. Sorry! Something must have gone wrong in their development or something. My parents, especially my dad, spoiled me shamelessly. I grew up believing that i deserved to be dotted on, be cherished, loved, pampered and worshiped. Im the type of woman who demands romance and all those chivalrous behavior. I expect my man to treat me like im porcelain and he should protect me from everything. Im not a trophy because i have my own money and education. But im not the type of woman to practice BDSM. It's everything i was raised against. )

Fave Characters: Naruto-- Kakashi Hatake, Hinata Hyuuga, Subaku no Gaara, everyone else on Naruto except Kabuto Yakushi, Orochimaru, Madara Uchiha, Obito Uchiha, Danzo Shimura, Sasuke Uchiha and especially Sakura Haruno. I have no plans to ever watch Boruto.

HP -- Harry Potter, Draco Malfoy, etc. I hate the Weasley family especially Ginny, Ron, Hermione and Molly.

Star Trek - Kirk and Spock. I hate Uhura.

NCIS - Tony DiNozzo. I hate McGee, Ziva, Kate and Abby.

There are many things that bind people together. Weather it be from an emotion, a thought, or an idea, something made people stay close. -- BlueRain09

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