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I am a female who is working towards a goal in the medical career. I have lost to many people in life to not want to work towards becoming something that can save others. I've learned to take life more seriously, knowing that your every decision sculpts your future. I am, however, still the free-spirited, humorous little girl I was a number of years ago. I enjoy the company of those around me. I enjoy going out but know when is the time to isolate myself within the walls of my home.

'I've found myself more attracted to writing one-shots instead of stories with multiple chapters. All my one-shots are based on little situations that have happened in my life or the lives of people around me. I get inspired very easily and often use my one-shots as a imaginary world on how I picture a situation should have ended in reality. I know I am not the best writer grammatically and often find myself making mistakes that after I realize should not have been made. I enjoy when I get honest feedback that also offers solutions for improvement. Although my writing is not consistent, because life is busy and time waits for nobody, I will probably never grow weary of writing a one-shot.'

"Je t'aimerais toujours, la nuit comme le jour, étant que Je vivrais, tu seras mon bébé"

*This is a shared account between many*

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