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AllahDeluxe PM
Joined Apr '23

I always have the best opinions

i often tell it how it is, so ppl do be not liking me

i love horses smiu fr

have the rare ohio skibidi toilet rizz on god xxd

blud was NOT built for these fanfictions lmao XDD

Bro blud is so goofy with his uncanny ahh fr fr, he got the omega sus Ohio rizz with a level 1 gyatt like a Mr Beast big chungus on god, fact no cap, he is not bussin the ocky way. I got the banban flavored lean so don't worry my skibidi toilet based sigma chad, together we will one two buckle my shoe and hit the griddy with Nathaniel B, when the opps pull up with soy peppino, disrespectin' yall's drip when you was at the club we will hit the shawties with the lightskin stare sussy ratio in the pizza tower so we'll catch em lackin' in 4k 1080p along with Jumbo Josh puttin the forgis on the Jeep wit the grimmace shake wocky slush... for real, what's this NPC John Pork yappin about? Most normal sussy impostor in Ohio, Wholesome 100, slay, pop off ig queen W rizz but I ain't readin' allat... chat, is this real? After all, pibby was in sin city wasn't made for ya so mic up you coems rageddy huggy wuggy NPC

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