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My name is Amy, 13 years old and from the UK.

My life is spent reading, playing the computer and watching films. I also grudgingly drag myself to school.

I am obsessed with Harry Potter. Call me sad.

I also like-

-Twilight (especially Jasper!)

-Lord of the rings (especially Faramir!)

- Various other books and films, but the list is looong!

I got involved in fanfiction when I was about 11. I've always liked to write, but not nearly as well as some of the authors on here!

I don't write stories very often. I like to read them more, but when I do write, I like reviews! ;)

But take it easy on me- I'm only little and flames hurt me! Constructive criticism is obviously greatly appreciated, if it makes me a better writer!

Loong time since I've been on this site. My computer broke =(

I'll get back into the swing of things soon (I hope!)

Thanks for reading!

Amy xx

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