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Hi everyone my name is chaoscrafter008.

I first found fanfiction in late 2007 after watching a naruto amv on youtube and following a link in the description.

After reading a few of his stories I was enthralled by the imagination people can display and began exploring.

Since then I have branched out into other categories such as harry potter,bleach, one piece, stargate and buffy the vampire slayer. Mainly after reading a crossover within those genres.

Several times I have attempted writing stories myself but due to several personal reasons find it difficult to concentrate on any particular story for long enough to put anything down. Now I mainly read others work and give positive feedback on stories I find exceptional. I do my best to avoid giving negative reviews if possible but if i do I do my best to give the author my honest opinion of where I think it could have been improved and I congratulate them on their work.

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