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This is my bio page, there are many like it but this one is mine.

Think of me as an unofficial, unpaid, and more often than not, an unwanted critic of sorts.

I don't care about grammar because let's face it, even the best betas on this site don't stack up to a professional editor so there is no point bemoaning that a story doesn't have perfect grammar.

No, my biggest pet peeve is when I read a new story and it is derivative of someone else's. I get that certain authors pioneered the trail for most of the stories posted today but I am sick and tired of the same old cliches.

For example, having Harry become Lord Potter/Black/Gryffindor Slytherin/Peverell or something along those lines. Who gives a goblin's nutsack if Harry is the long lost many times great-grandson of Morgana Lefay or has more money than an Egyptian pharaoh?

Using a marriage contract as a lazy way to bring two people together who would otherwise never have noticed one another.

Doing similar with soul bonds, veela bonds, life debts or some freak accident that forces Harry and girlX together.

The overuse of time travel to have Harry pair up with someone too old for him to legitimately date in his current timeline.

The fact that most of the best stories on this site are abandoned.

Also, I positively loathe this new trend where authors horde away their updates on pay-to-play sites until they squeeze every dime they can out of the story. They all have something like this on every chapter they upload basically begging for money.

"You can get extra updates if you go on my (you all know what site I'm referring to) page and pay money to read something I have no business charging you for, or you can wait six months to read it for free on FFN... Now buy me a coffee while you consider your options."

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