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I'm me. I love other animals. I love Johnny Depp. I love boxes. I love stories. My temper is short. I dislike people. I refuse to be a slave of the ordinary. I'm loud. I prefer dreams to reality, therefore, I like to sleep. I hate animal abuse and drug abuse. My dream is to be a veterinarian who lives by the sea with a husband, kids, and pets; I'd write stories occasionally. I am an atheist, I could care less what you think about that. I respect other people's religions. I like to bask in warm water, heaters, and the sun. I like my tights, skirts, flats, black movie tee shirts, and black hoodies. I'm kinda socially retarded in some cases where I really don't want to speak to people. I love my family and Kenya. I love my close friends. I'm a hermit who'd rather stay home than go to something like a party. I long for simplicity. I love beauty. I love music.

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