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Name: Kogara

Age: Old enough

Likes: Dragons, Muscle and Exoitc Cars, Games, Cool Music (Stratovarius, Metallica, Disturbed, Hammerfall, Nightwish, Game OST), GIRLS!

Hates: Noobs, school, chores, homework, People who got no lifes and think they are the best.

Hobbies: Type up Spyro Story, Play cool games, Drive cool cars in videogames. Shoot the bejesus out of ZOMBIES!! (WUNDERWAFFE FTW!!) World of Tanks Player.

Favortie Thing To Be: A True Player.

Game System: PS3, Th3_Im0rtal

Bio: Just told you what it is, you duche.

My Rules: The reason why I am doing this is so that I don't have to explain myself to a few other people about how I write my stuff and do things on

#1. Don't send me messages about asking me to read your story and review it. Chances are the more you ask, the less interest I will have. I would most likely read your work if you are a friend of mine that I know personally, or a friend of someone that I know on . I will read your work, when I have the chance or want to read it. That goes for everyone, even to the people that I know.

#2. If you got nothing good to say, don't say it. If it's something that you don't like, but would like to see me work on it or fix, then feel free to PM me or leave a review...or something.

#3. You can use my characters, (only the ones that I deem are respectfully and rightfully mine) as long as you say who it is from. After you put your disclaimer about a certain character(s) of mine, then go crazy with them, I really don't care what you do to them.

#4. If I happen to use one or more of your own characters, please...do NOT beg me, or ask, or tell me to add other characters that are yours. If I were to focus more on who the characters are in my work, then it wouldn't be a story at all. Plus, I'm the one who is writing, not you.

#5. If I happen to use one or more of your own characters, and I happen to forget their place in the story, please remind me every once in a while about them so I can think of a suitable point to bring them back into the story. I don't want to log in and see my inbox be maxed out because I forgot to use a certain character(s). Even when I update once every week or two weeks, no means of offense, I do not want to see a PM or review about your characters, each time i update. Should you keep on doing it, you might as well forget about your characters for I will not bring them back, or probably kill them off. (Yes...I can be that mean.)

#6. Last and most important rule of all, IF YOU DON'T LIKE SOMETHING, DON'T READ IT.

What Type of Dragon Are You?

You Scored as Light Dragon

You are a good person...a pure person at heart. you are caring. You only fight for goodness, and you always do your best. Keep it up!Light Dragon 92 Dragon 75 dragon 67 dragon 58 Dragon 58 Dragon 50 dragon 50 dragon 0%

You Scored as a : Light Dragon Light Dragon 92% Water Dragon 75% Sky dragon 67% Earth dragon 58% Fire Dragon 58% Chinese Dragon 50% Lightning dragon 50% Dark dragon 0%

I ihappy with my results. w.

My OC's (About time i did this lol.)

Agorak: Son of Akriloth the Demon-Dragon God And Jermaine The Overseer. He is as old as time itself and had immense powers, weighs about a hefty 320 pounds and stands at 6'8. He is well known for his calm, forgiving and caring life-style, as well as his brutality towards his enemies. His nickename that people call him is The White-Dragon God. He is married to Godith, an Ancient Dragoness of Earth and the two have over 563 children. Agorak is also the Spirit that dwells in DL Mark's body. Both men loved Godith and both were equal in power and looks and they share DL Mark's Body. Agorak has White SSJ3 hair, is a Half-Dragon, Gold Dragon Eyes, wears a long White coat with a Black shirt underneath, Royal Blue jeans, and boots. He wields a sword called The Ominous which is at least 6 feet in length. It has the ability to Split down the middle, going from a two-handed, double edge sword, to dual wielding razor sharp swords. He has the ability to Transform into a Dragon whever he feels like.

DL Mark: Once was a teenage boy who had a normal life till he was struck by lightning. Waking up in the hospital, doctors couldn't believe that his body suddenly became more than just an avegare body. Growing up with his new body he discovers that he wields immense powers within and soon realizes that he can have anything that he wants. As a result he goes back through time, yet he made a mistake. Instead of the beginning of Earth, he went to the beginning of the Universe and was stuck there for 10 billion years. Agorak accomponies him and makes a deal that he will let the 10 billion years pass by in an instant if he lives in his body. Knowing that both loved Godith, he agrees to the terms and thus they meet Godith without her even knowing that two people were with her. DL Mark too possess the ability to Transform into a Dragon as his friend Agorak.

Godith: Daughter of Akor and Isabel, Godith is just about as old as the Earth. Legends say she created it with her breath, but all in all, these are simply myths. Godith was a powerful black dragoness at her time, a Queen, before she and the rest of the dragons that lived on Earth had to fight against Atreus, Head of the Ancient Dragon Slayers. A gruesome War plagued the Earth till DL Mark had arrived and saved Godith from her assisination. As a result Akor and Isabel made DL Mark her body-guard, knowing that they can trust this Half-Dragon being. Soon, she fell in love with DL Mark, thus later getting Married and having their first child, an Ice Dragoness named Grace. The War was soon over as DL Mark pulverized the last of the Dragon Slayers. Now, after 5 billion years, Godith loves the same man that she knew when she was merely an adult and still does. She is also the Sister of Cynder.

Akriloth: The Ancient Powerhouse of the Universe, Akriloth the Demon-Dragon God. He is the most powerful being in the Universe, more power then Heaven, Hell, the Living and Non-Living combined. Thankfully, he has a good heart and uses his power only for good. His age is unknown, but people suspect that he is only 30-40 years older than his two sons. Akriloth has the same hair style as his two sons, except it is Goldish-Red. He also can Transform into a Dragon at his own will. He wears a fighting clothes unlike his two boys. He is married to Jermaine, who if it hadn't been for her, neither Agorak nor Reignor would exist. He wieghs just about 350 pounds and stands at 7 feet. He fought against Mephistopholies, and won, but as a result was sealed in a gem for eternity till Reignor and Agorak discovered him, 15 billion years later.

Jermaine: The Overseer of the Universe as she is known. She is a typical human being who knows helped Akriloth from death. When she was young, only 16, Demons had been attacking her village till one day she got kidnapped by one and taken into Hell. There she met the real Akriloth in his Dragon Form. Akriloth sought her as the most beautiful thing he had ever seen and decided that instead of tortuing her, he took care of her. Challenging the Demon who brought her in, he won the battle and took her under his wing. The two learn more about each other till Akriloth decides to make a decision that could cost both of their lives. He decided to leave Hell with Jermaine for good and escaped back to the real world. When Jermaine had returned with Akriloth, her village were ready to kill him, but thanks to her she stopped them. Telling her story, her people couldn't believe it and Akriloth prooved it by getting rid of all the Demons that were attacking them. Time flew by and the two soon fell for one another. Leaving her village to start with a new life, Akriloth took her to a World that he knew called, The Central World. There, Jermaine and Akriloth lived for a good three decades till the Draco-Acadamey Incident.

(The next two belongs to Godofmadness43, but I use them a lot so I figured to put them in here.)

Reignor: The Eldest son of Akriloth and Jermaine, Reignor is only 4 years older than his brother Agorak. Although older, he isn't as strong as Agorak. Yet he has the looks and is considered a Ladies-Man while his brother is the Knucklehead. Reignor looks almost identical to his Father and Brother except his hair is Black with Silver linings. His clothing is a combination of his Father's and Brother's. Reignor, unlike Agorak has his own body and is married to a Dragoness named Hera. Just like DL Mark and Godith, they have just over 550 children. Reignor is considered to be the The Dragon-God of the East, as he spent his life on the Eastern Side of the Universe, while Agorak is on the Western Side of the Universe. Reignor is 320 pounds and is 6'6.

Hera: A gold Dragoness from the Eastern Side of the Universe, she is a lot like Godith except she didn't had to fight against Dragon Slayers. Hera when she was young had a good-heart and she loved Reignor the moment she laid eyes upon him. Hera has a more peaceful world which is why Reignor isn't as strong as Agorak. The only enemy that she had was Eingana, a silver dragoness that wanted to take over the World and get rid of Hera and Reignor. Despite her efforts she failed all the time till one day, after a brutal battle she met Satan, The Dark Dragon God of the East. Satan told her that if she wants success, she must become his assitant, and she took the deal. Getting more power she took down Hera without any remorse and weakened Reignor. Eingana dies giving birth to Satan's son Perdition a year later and 20 years went by before Peridtion challenged Reignor and won, by blowing up the planet.

Lucifer: Agorak, DL Mark's sworn enemy. Lucifer is the most psycotic sociopath you will ever know. Lucifer is the Dark Dragon God of the West and thrives on Evil. Son of Mephistopholies, and brother of Satan, Lucifer will do anything to be the most powerful being in the Universe. Lucifer came to be when his father pledged War on GOD. During the first raid of Heaven, Mephistopholies took a female Angel and took her down to his lair. There he brutally tortured her, forcing her to become a dragon such as him and did his work on her. The Angel, Helen was no longer purified and was left to wonder on the Earth. GOD watched over her as He could not bring her back into Heaven. GOD watched as Helen remained as a dragon for the rest of her life till she laid both Satan's and Lucifer's Egg. Shrotly after laying their eggs, Mephistopholies raped her once again before murdering her. Taking the eggs, he raised Satan and Lucifer in his ways. A few years passed by and the trio had decided that since Akriloth was the Ultimate Protector of the Universe and the Central World was where all the powerful Gods and Goddesses lived, they attacked the School and killed hundreds. Akriloth took them down easily but had to fight against Mephistopholies and won the battle, but was sealed away. Ever since, Lucifer sworn to take Revenge and followed Agorak, while Satan followed Reignor. He is also the father of Kiara.

Satan: Much like his twin brother Lucifer, Satan is just as crazy and dangerous. Unlike Lucifer's ways of violating his enemy's wife, he seducees the enemy of his enemy and thus bearing a son Perdition. He is the only one who knows about his mother while Lucifer doesn't even care. Satan is The Dark Dragon God of the East and is Hell-Bent on destroying the Universe.

Mephistopholies: The being that started the war between Good and Evil, Mephistopholies is considered to be the Father of all Evil. He is the only one who can match Akriloth's Strength and loves all the painful and sickening ways that he can do to the living beings he torments. Father of Satan and Lucifer, he long bounds for his return.

Perdition: The Son of Satan and Eingana, Perdition was the one who defeated Reignor and blew up most of the South-Eastern part of the Universe. He came to be when his mother Eingana made a deal with Satan. Training with him, she killed Hera and his wife's death was enough to weaken him severly. As a result of her victory, she thanked Satan in a way and later bore Perdition. However, she died giving birth to him and she told Satan to raise him in the way she wanted him to be raised. Satan did just that and trained Perdition to the point where he could wipe out an entire Galaxy in a breeze. He later on challenged Reignor and after a gruesome and bloody battle, he won by blowing up Reignor with his planet. Aftewards, the duo travelled West in response to Kiara's call for them.

Kiara: The Daughter of Lucifer and Godith, Kiara is just as crazed as her father. Kiara came into the world when DL Mark had sacrificed himself to kill Lucifer. He succeeded but he was too weak to live on and died. A few months later, after Godith had become Queen of Dracovia, Lucifer used whatever power he had left and raped the Queen while she was alone in the Winter Forest. After 3 months, Godith gave birth to Kiara and tried her best to raise Kiara in her ways. However Lucifer thought otherwise and threatened to do it again to Godith if she didn't give Kiara to him. Fearing him and for the sake of Kiara, she had no other choice but to hand her over. Despite Lucifer being only a Spirit, he didn't had much time to spend with his daughter and left them in the care of the Dark Ladies which are Trinity, Sonya, Juno and Amber.

(The next OC belongs to Flyboy87. Yet i had not heard from him in an extremely long time and I had been using him most of the time.)

Demitri: Son of Malefor and Elaine, Demitri's father Malefor had raped Sedro The Dragon King's wife, Elaine. Born under her control, Elaine was determined to raise Demitri like her other two sons, DK Mark and Revan. Unfortunately, Malefor was under Lucifer's control and she had been brutally murdered just hours after giving birth to her own purple son. After 8 years under Lucifer's control, Demitri believed that his mother wanted to kill him as well as the others as soon as he was born and that his father was the only protector, thus he was determined to bring back Malefor. Unbeknowst to him, it was all Lucifer's plan to absorb Malefor's power so he could get his body back. After the battle between DL Mark and Lucifer, Ungh-Agor had decided to make Demitri a toddler, so he could live life like a normal child. Thus another 10 years passed and he fell in love with his former nemesis' daughter, Galadrial. During the time of Atreus and his Order of Dragon Slayers, Demitri had been looking out for Galadrial, just as much as she did to him. Soon, they became young adults and finally were married. As for now, Demitri is the father of his first biological child, Arwen and is the adoptive father of an abanonded ice dragon, Pythios.

Galadrial: The current strongest child of DL Mark and Godith; as well as the first female purple dragon to exist in the Western Universe, Galadrial is one lady men usually underestimate. She demonstrated her powers just at the age of one when she destroyed her captors from a Dragon-Hater. At the age of ten, Galadrial prooved herself once again by becoming what no other dragon but her father can do. She turned into a Super-Dragon Sayain at Dalera during the time of Atreus. After spending more time with her father in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber, Galadrial went on to defeat the Dragon Slayer Atreus. As time progressed and when she reached adult-hood, Galadrial was considered to be stronger than her father till the arrival of Akriloth. Galadrial is married to Demitri and the two raise Pythios. As for now, Galadrial is currently carring her biological child, Arwen.

Future Arwen: What do you get when you combine two purple dragons known as Demitri and Galadrial? A Pure Purple Dragoness. Arwen is the daughter of Demitri and Galadrial, and like her mother, she packs a whollop. Arwen came into the world of darkness. In an alternate universe, Agorak her grandfather had fallen ill of a man-made virus designed purely for him. Without the proper medication, Agorak died just days after he was recieved the virus. As a result, the last resort of the Dracovian Kings and Allies fought against Kiara, only to be defeated by two androids. These androids were far more superior than Agorak and demolished the armies with ease, leaving the Queens at high risk. As a last resort, the Queens who were still gravid with their children, had sacrificed themselves for Galadrial to escape with Pythios and her unborn child. Taking refuge by moving from town to town, Arwen grew up knowing that her father has died, trying to save them. 28 years had gone by and the Androids had plenty of damage to Arwen. First, Pythios was killed to save his mother and sister from the two killer machines, then Galadrial lost an arm to the machines which only brought one choice left. Arwen would have to alternate history. Thus she journies back into the past to meet her family and succesfully changed history, by helping Agorak survive the virus attack. For now, Arwen is training with her family agaisnt Lucifer.

Android #115: 115 is a white female android who was created by Heldar to kill Agorak. Her underbelly color is blondish-gold, her horns are shaped a lot like Cynder's but is gold like her underbelly. Her tail is a simple Devil's Spade, her eye color are blue. Her claws and spikes is gold as well. Her wings are large and black. 115 contains a unique ability in which she can copy one's power, especially if they are stronger than her. Much like her creator Heldar, 115's body is built out of Katchin Carbonate, an extremely strong, yet light metal. 115 thrives on killing people in her ways. She doesn't care who it is as long as she gets what she wants. Her weakness though is her desire for jewelry. Have her fight and then bring in a diamond, she will jump for the diamond instead of the enemy. Despite her ups and downs, 115 behaves partialy childish and innocent. Enrage her, she'll make a souvenir out your carcass.

Android #935: 935 is a blue male android. His underbelly is dark brown, his eye color is green. His horns is similar to the shape of Spyro's, but is black colored. His tail is shaped like a trident ax and is also black as well as his claws. His wings are large and the color is silver-gray. He seems very attractive and looked like a ladies-man. Unlike his counter-part and sister 115, 935 is pretty much the same as his sister. Cold-blooded killer and doesn't give a damn as long as he gets what he wants. His purpose is just like his sister, to track down and kill Agorak. His only weakness is he finds an attractive girl, even if it is his enemy, he wants to make love to her. Results of that usually leads to him being blasted into oblivion. His body works just like his sister, except he doesn't contain the ability to copy one's power. All in all, be careful when you face 935 or his sister 115.

Atreus: The Founder of Dragon-Slaying, Atreus is a 5 billion year old arch nemesis of Godith. It all started when Atreus was a teenager and his parents were murded by two dragons who broke into his house. After that, he developed a hatred torwards anything related to a dragon, even his wife. His wife was a blue dragoness who gave birth to his son as a Half-Dragon instead of a Half-Demon, in which case that is what Atreus was. Shortly after his son's birth, Atreus' hatred grew even more, which eventually led him into killing and devouring his own wife. (He ain't a crazed demon for nothing.) He has long black hair, bores the ancient marking of the Dragon-Slayers, he has a well built body, he stands at 6'4, and weighs about 320 pounds. He has vast amount of power, but not enough to take down Agorak or DL Mark.

(This next one, actually belongs to a guy named dreyanor. Hence he asked me to put his character and this is the outcome.)

Dreyanor: Dreyanor is the son of Atreus but unlike his father, he's not as cruel. Although before discovering the truth about his mother, Dreyanor followed Atreus and his ways. He was the cause of Galadrial's horrific attack when she was a child, but she forgave him shrotly after confronting him once more. He has dark bluish-black hair and his eyes are a lovely shade red dragon eyes. He is just as tall as DL Mark and he wears some ranger clothes. He has a nice well looking body with big muscles. Dreyanor as of now is the new leader of the Dragon-Slayers, except his new order only calls for killing purely-evil dragons. He is also under the control of Kiara, after DL Mark had asked of him to investigate a strange source in the mountains, thus Dreyanor confronted Kiara and she seduceed him to her side.

Barroth: The Oldest Male Dragon Ice Magician that you will ever meet. He is dominatly large, his wings larger than average, his scales are ice blue with a mix of faint red. He's supposedly just as old as Godith and is married to Grace, DL Mark's and Godith's eldest daughter. He is one out of the three male dragons left to exist before DL Mark saved the Dragon Race from Atreus' clutches. Barroth relies mostly on his skills in Magic which is unrivaled by anyone else. He's a carring dragon, and loves the bitter cold. It helps him while in combat even against other aggresive ice dragons from his home-world. He's the oldest friend out of the Final Three.

Annoth: Much like Barroth, he's the Oldest Fire Dragon. He recides in Hell most of time, punishing the souls who have been damned for eternity. He is considered to be the Hell King, although he is really a Dragon Hell King, and the realy Hell King is none other than the Devil Himself who lives in the 9th Circle of Hell. Just don't say that to Annoth if you ever go down South. He will place you in a circle lower than what your soul originally should have been sent to. If you're level 9, he'll drag your soul to the bottom of that circle and let the Devil deal with you from there. He is all about brute strength and skills in combat, so think twice before trying to fight this guy. He's married to Maria, DL Mark's and Godith's second child and daughter. He's a muscular large red dragon. He's a carring man outside of Hell who has a short-temper. In Hell he sticks to his job. He's the second oldest friend out of the Final Three.

Morrogh: Out of the Final Three, Morrogh is the youngest. He is the Necromancer Master and can handle Dark Magic unlike anyone else. His skills in the Dark Arts rival Akriloth's and Memphistopholes. He's a Dark Shadow Dragon, black scales with a mixture of brown and green. Unlike the other two, he uses a combination of magic and brute strength. Agrguably he's the best out of Final Three. He has a shy personality when not in the presence of his friends and family. With his friends and family, he as a care-free stlye and he is an excellent battle strategist and fighter in combat. He can use his Dark Powers and be able to tell just when, where and what his opponet will do. He is married to Bellatrix, Godith's and DL Mark's third child and daughter. He isn't as dominant as his friend Barroth, but he rivals the Magician with his skills and rivals Annoth with his battle skills. He possesses the ablity to travel through places via shadows, so he can be everywhere at any time.

That's it for now...more shall come soon.

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