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Random Facts About Me:

I'm a highschool student and, in between cramming for French and memorizing the time-line for the Cold War, I procrastinate by writing fanfiction.

I'm also an environmentalist (if you haven't yet, take the time to watch the movie 11th Hour. Not only will you get to see Leonardo Dicaprio's very handsome self, but you'll also be left with a powerful environmental message.) and a hardcore manga fan (Skip Beat, Oresama Teacher and the ilk)

Some Cold, Hard Truths:

I think - deep down, no matter how much we might try to ignore this fact - we all know that, in the Evanovich universe, Stephanie is going to end up with Morelli. I mean, it's just not in Batman's lone wolf DNA to settle down to domesticity.

This is where fanfiction comes in.

All my stories are Babe. I generally don't even include Morelli - not because I particularly loathe him but because a) I don't think there's enough breathing space for two alpha males in a fanfic and b) because there's always the temptation to portray Morelli as a jerk, which he doesn't deserve. I actually think Morelli's an okay guy...but damn, between him and Batman, there's really no competition.

And Now, A Public Service Announcement:

Why you should review:

Writing is a lonely life. Writers spend hours devising plots and typing up fanfic. And true, we do it partly for ourselves, for the satisfaction of being able to bring our fantasies to life on the screen. But, it's also partly for others, so that we can share these stories with other fans. And so, in return, if you read a fanfic that you like and can see that the writer has put a lot of time into, take a few moments to review and give a few words of encouragement.

Reviews = happy writers = more updates = happy readers, so everybody wins. :)

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