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CrazySue05 PM
Joined May '08

Hello! 31yo lover of all things fanfic! My OTP is Dramione, but I dip my toe in a few other pairings.

I have a very stressful real life job and love to unwind on here.

Favorite Pairings

Sylar and Claire

Gabriel and Claire

Draco and Hermione

Harry and Hermione

Elena/Originals, preferably Klaus or Elijah

Booth and Bones

Jackson and Lisa- Red Eye

Spike and Buffy

Kylo Ren/Rey

I've been reading fics on here for several years now and every now and then I'll get into a little obsession such as my Reylo fetish. Don't think I'll ever get over it, same goes for my Draco and Hermione love.

I have the deepest respect for all the writers brave enough to put their work out for the world to see, hopefully mine will be worthy of a few reads.


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