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Name: Risa

Age and B'day: April 11, 1986


Well lets see here. I'm a happily married fangirl who lives in north central Alabama. I think that about covers it. Okay ... maybe not. Anyways I am interested in many things especially since Alabama sucks and there is NOTHING to do in my home town. So basically I read fanfictions, watch anime, play video games, hangout with friends, and work when I can actually find a job. Trust me finding a job is harder than it sounds. Anyway I also go to school when I can afford it too. So... more about me then. Ummmm... ah... well... I am interested in the Japanese culture some what and in the paranormal/supernatural too. Okay, Okay so I'm a geek... a really big one to. I am currently reading several mangas ( and fanfictions) as well as watching several anime's. I also may author some stories from time to time.

I also have a FictionPress account and a Deviantart page if you want to find out more about me.

Favorite Bands:

The Birthday Massacre, Evanescence, Kanon Wakashima, Within Temptation, Linkin Park, Marlyn Manson, Korn, Uverworld, Maximum the Hormone, On/Off, Daft Punk, The Crystal Method, Yuki Kajiura, Nami Tamaki, Utada Hikaru, Darude, E Nomine, Ramstein, Lacuna Coil, and Inkubus Sukkubus

Favorite Books and published authors:

The Anita Blake series by Laurel K. Hamilton, The Merry Gentry series by Laurel K. Hamilton, The Vampire Chronicles by Anne Rice, The Dark Hunter series by Sherrilyn Kenyon, Rumiko Takahashi, Bisco Hatori, and Matsuri Hino

Favorite Games:

The Final Fantasy series ( all of them)

Dirge of Cerberus

Kingdom Hearts 1 and 2

Harvest Moon

Blood Rain 1 and 2

Lunar 1 and 2

The Elder Scrolls Series (all of them)

Favorite anime/manga/game (pairings):

Ouran High School Host Club (Haruhi/anyone in the host club , Kaoru/Hikaru, Nekozawa/Haruhi, Renge/Haruhi, Kyouya/Kaoru, Mori/Hunny, Nekozawa/Tamaki) I know I have some unconventional pairings listed, but a little yaoi and yuri are good for everyone. _ Oh and don't forget the twincest. Mmmmmmm, Kaoru and Hikaru, they are definately delicious. Even if incest isn't my thing.

Hellsing (Alucard/Integral, Seres/Pip, young Walter/anyone)

Vampire knight (Zero/Yuuki, Yuuki/Kaname, Aidou/Yuuki, Aidou/Yori, Shiki/Rima, Kain/any female)

Inuyasha (Inuyasha/Kagome, Miroku/Sango, Sesshoumaru/Rin(adult), Sesshoumaru/Kagome, Kouga/ Ayame)

Bleach (Ichigo/Rukia, Renji/ Rukia, Orihime/Ulquiorra, Grimmjow/Orihime, Ichigo/Grimmjow, Hitsugaya/Hinamori, Ishida/Orihime)

Angel Sanctuary (Setsuna/Sara) I'm not into incest, but they belong together even if they are siblings.

Gundum Wing (Hiro/Relina)

The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumya (Kyon/Haruhi)

Fruits Basket (Kyo/Tohru)

Final Fantasy XII (Balthier/Penelo)

I can't think of any others right now. I really haven't read or watched all that many have I? I guess I am going to have to look for some more to get into. If you have any suggestions you can message me. Also if you want to recomend any fictions please do. I am always looking for more to read

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