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I WANT ANIME AND FINAL FANTASY CHARS IN SSB and a couple of other (TWEWY "drooools")brawl friend rooster 0/64 plz message me with your friend code mine is 4253-5528-0842 FOR THE GORS! If anybody complains on my grammar, there WILL be murder! I am a swedish 18 year old boy with high grades in english! So stop pestering me about it!

Age: 15

I'm always up to look for a good vid especially anime! NIASIMO, NEKUSHIKI, EDWARDWINRY, LINKZELDA AND NARUHINA FOREVER!

Also I've finally switched my main fanfic to a more fitting category. :) It's now located at X-overs, Also once again THANK YOU, DARTHNECRON for letting one of my OCs have a cameo in your story.

Country: Sweden
Occupation: playing computer, study and read
Companies: my freinds
Interests and Hobbies: playing computer, watch movies on comp, read, study abit, listen at music.
Movies and Shows: fma, db, op, naruto, bleach, smbz, everything done by supersaiyancrash, benzephyrs stories, and oathkeeperrikus stories as well,
Music: everything thats got feeling in it; 1. cascada - bad boy 2. Gorillaz: Feel Good,Inc. 3. BWO - temple of love, lay your love on me
Books: anime, comics and fantasy favourite: the inheritance cycle by christopher paulini

my youtube account:

future fanfics: Good vs. dark, the story of what is going to happen with all known heroes and villains.

Worlds of false freedom: Information about this story will be available when I manage to come up with a more tangible plot.

more stories will come when i think of 'em alright?XD

(='.'=) This is Bunny.
(")_(") Copy and paste Bunny into your profile to help him gain world domination!

Here's a description of all my OCs, their battlestyle, their personality, how they would look and their theme.


My very first OC, a really crazy evil villian. He prefers to use two dark blades named Ladja and Magus, he knows however to use all kinds of weapons and he has access to with the Evoker from SMT:persona 3 he remade it slightly to fit his purposes. He is insanely fast in combat, and very unpredictable and sly with all kinds of special techniques at his disposal. His top five strongest attacks with number five as the weakest and number 1 as the strongest:

5. Reaper's Rush (chapter 3. He rushes through his enemies, slicing calmly through them with whatever weapon he has.)

4. Hell's Pillars (Future chapter, He summons pillars of fire from hell so hot they're black.)

3. Days of Oblivion (Future chapter, he plays a crazed version of catch with himself, as his attacks throw the foe all around the surrounding while he tries to catch up and attack some more)

2. Loud Genocide (Chapter 7, He fires many different coloured energy beams at his opponents, so it looks like he traps them in a rainbow-couloured cage, before making everything within the energy beams explode)

1. Life's End (Chapter 8, he goes beyond his limit in a barrage of attacks done in one second, so many that it is just ridicolous, this takes alot of time to prepare for and alot of energy so he likes to trap them in a costum-made trap. it also takes much of his energy, leaving him weakened but far from defenseless afterwards.)

He likes to break the fourth wall and make references to various games and movies, especially when his opponents have no idea what he's talking about. He's more crazy than evil and just wants to test everyone's limits and what they are capable of, including himself, but he hides a dark past.

he would look like a cross-over from this:


and this:


his theme would be this: i love chrono trigger.

i did this because i felt a deeper explanation was needed of him. feel free to use him as long as you keep his personality, looks and battle-style the same.


Takorog's very own dragon. It's black coloured and about as huge as you expect a dragon would be. It tries to keep it's master calm and sane. It hasn't recovered from a certain fight in the beginning of the story but soon it is fully recovered and ready to wreak havoc on it's master's enemies. he's extremely loyal towards his master.

he fights like his master does with the same attacks, only that he uses his claws, fangs, and a fire so hot, it is black like the fires of hell.

he looks like this:


and has the same theme song as his master.

He and his master are extremely close and can join together their minds and when they do that they fight as one. What one does so does the other. This allows their attacks to be even more powerful and co-ordinated.

Takorog won't use him except for when he really needs to as he is as loyal towards Shruikan, as Shruikan is towards him. sometimes when the danger is too great Shruikan comes and fights alongside Takorog and when it's getting really bad teleport him away. same goes vice-versa. he will appear in the story very soon.

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