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Raina Meldamiriel PM
Joined May '08

well for a start i have no idea what to write *scratches head* hmmm where to start... eh hem

well my names Raina , but please call me dia.

likes: well i like alot of things. reading , writing , singing , eating , sleeping *yawn* errrm day dreaming. ohhh and going out with friends

dislikes: nasty people and i can't stand bullies. GRRR. exercise (hmmm where'd my feet go... O.O) as well as other things that i can't remember at the moment.

i love reading: harry potter , lord of the rings , naruto, vampire knight, southern vampire mysteries= trueblood, the magicains guild. and lots an lots of others. have a scan through my favs and you'll see

i've written 4 stories all rated M. oohhh you naughty thing you. i must apologise to my readers for taking so loooooooong to update. be rest assured they will be completed

im open to requests and you can message me about anything cos i love a good natter me lol . i never stop talking yay.

thanks for reading my profile and i hope you enjoy my stories x

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