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Bonjour ;)

So ... welcome to my page. :)

I don't really know how to properly introduce myself to you but I'll do my best.

I go by the name Hazel. I'm a sixteen year-old Filipino girl aspiring to be a successful writer in life. Nonetheless, English will never be my native language so I apologize for any grammatical mistakes that you have found/will find. XD Don't even bother asking for any other personal information because I won't give it to you. :P Regardless, I want to be your friend. So don't hesitate to PM me and let's talk, okay? :)

I'm proud to say that I have been an avid reader of the Gakuen Alice Fandom for nearly 6 years. I started reading when I was in fourth grade, you see. Nonetheless, I was just a silent reader at that time. I used to go over my mother's laptop and read countless of stories that I could find. And THAT is why I blame the FFn Community for the deterioration of my eyes. o-o Anyway, two years later, I began thinking, I want to create my own stories that other people can read too. So that I did. I registered for an account in 2008, published my very first story, I Love You More Than My Money, and have never left ever since. Yes, I plan on growing old with fanfictions and seven cats. Deary me.

What is the community of fanfiction for me? FFn is a place where I share my thoughts, express my ideas, and of course unleash my imagination. It's a place where I can write freely without worrying about reality. It is a diversified world where I can share my creations, develop my abilities and meet other people who has the same inclination as me to express themselves through words.

What is the very first fanfiction story that I have ever read? I honestly don't know. XD But I do know that it is in the Cardcaptor Sakura Fandom. I think the plot is about a celebrity Syaoran and a mother Sakura. But I can't be too sure. XD

How did I know of the FFn's existence? Oh, this I do know. As I have mentioned before, I was in fourth grade when I discovered this awesome site called FanFiction.Net. At that time, I was very addicted to anime so I used to watch countless of anime in Crunchyroll. Then a friend of mine recommended me a story of Sakura and Syaoran posted on this site so I was led here. Simply put, Crunchyroll is part of the reason why I'm currently here.

What else can I say? This is a hard one. Hmm. I love dogs. I hate eggs. Aaaaaand, I absolutely adore KPop.


1. I love you more than my money!

Gakuen Alice

Rated T


Complete - One Shot

Full Summary: Natsume was planning to confess to Mikan so he asked her to meet him below the Sakura Tree. But when they met, things had gone totally wrong when Mikan informed him that she must go to Paris and may not come back at all! On the airport, before Mikan flee for Paris, Natsume whispered something to her that caused her to go back from her destination in 3 mere days. But what exactly did Natsume endured when she was gone? OOC. NxM (duh)

2. Music in my heart

Gakuen Alice

Rated K


Complete - One Shot

Full Summary: Natsume's pride will be tested when he agreed to sing on the stage with the whole campus watching him! But-Hey! He is just swallowing this pill called PRIDE because he wants to properly confess to his dear Mikan! But how will Mikan react? NxM - DELETED.

3. Mistaken Love Triangle? Or not?

Gakuen Alice and Kodomo no Omocha CROSSOVER

Rated T


In Progress - Chaptered

Full Summary: Akito's rehabilitation of his arm from America is over so he traveled back to Japan to see Sana. Sana's mother said that Sana is in Gakuen Alice so Akito followed her once he discovered that he have an alice himself. When he is finally in the said Academy, he met Mikan and claimed her being Sana considering her looks and her aura! But is Mikan really Sana? The true revelations will appear on later chapters! NOTE: Someone is really jealous in this fanfiction! NxMxAxS




CRUNCHYROLL--but please introduce yourself--

Au Revoir.

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