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Hi, I'm FRAZZY, that's in caps. There's a few things that I would like you to know about me (you probably will ignore this anyways.):

I have career options in marine biology, archeology and geology. I also want pilot lessons.

Humans suck, especially stupid and lazy people. Aliens and other creatures on or off earth to the naked mind and eye are better.

Where some go "Ewww" to a bug, reptile, alien or any other animal, I go "AWWW!!"

Storms are awesome. Bring on rain and snow. The sun is nice on occasion though.

Three fourths of my favorite movies and songs are made from the 80's and 90's, the other part is some made now that doesn't suck, at least in my own opinion some does.

I'm a fan, not fangirl of things. Difference? Fangirls are mindless females and a forever crazed mob, fans have grown up and know better. (sorry but that's what's going on now)

I'm a tomboy--f*ck the damsel-in-distress and pink shit.

The Twilight Saga must die. ALL OF IT MUST BURN!!!

Dec 3rd is my birthday, year and age I keep to myself.

My mind must compute to read and draw 80% of the time.

Anything is my favorite music, as long it isn't stupid or worthless of even playing.

Life is precious.

As the the first and and second and to the fifteenth and seventeenth facts, I love animals with a passion. Deeply I really do.

I respect other's religion and sexuality.

I believe in angels and miracles.

I have had nine pets, five cats and four dogs. Two dogs and two cats have passed on.

Collecting something is fun. You can find whatever everyday, just make sure no one calls it "hoarding."

I enjoy lifting and aerobics.

I believe in cryptids, the things that can't be proved by science.

If my name sounds stupid, don't talk about it, it means a lot.

Okay I'm done, besides that's pretty much it.

Currently everything must be left on hiatus for the time being. I do not accept people asking me to update or finish, however comments are MUCH appreciated. I WANT TO KNOW WHAT YOU THINK!

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