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(I've been on this site since middleschool. Ignore the older stuff, please. It's...not great.)

I am currently going through older writing and putting completed stuff from livejournal that I'm not ashamed to admit I wrote on here.

Updates to other things are in progress, I swear to God.

Good God. This thing. I haven't really touched this in AGES...

That being said, I have some stories that have been on fricking hiatus for 10 years... My New Year's resolution (as usual) is going to be to update everything unfinished at least once before next year. Here's the list of stuff that's not officially ended:


A Shared Apartment


For Aperture!

Giving Up Everything

If Inuyasha Took Over Your School (Not sure I'm actually going to be able to find the original document for this.)

Love at First Bite

On the Run and Having Fun (updated)

Shawarma for Loki

Now, updating is going to be complicated due to a number of problems, the foremost of which is the fact that I've gone through about 3 computers since starting most of these stories. I have to FIND where I stashed the docs for all of the old stories, if they still exist. Furthermore, I have to find time around my day job to actually do some writing, which is a lot harder than it sounds.

That being said, I HOPE that I will be able to post more, and that with more experience there will be an improvement of quality.

Questions/Comments/Concerns or just wanting to chat - feel free to drop me a message.

KageToraNoTsume out.

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