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This will be updated whenever i see fit so i can keep all my watchers or story watchers informed. I won't provide any other info that isn't relevant to my works.

I own none of the characters in my stories except for any OC that i created and some of the plots;I'm writing this so i don't have to write it in ever fan fiction which is really annoying so here is my disclaimer don't sue me.

Well I've reread some of my fanfics at least what i have of them and i found them to be complete and utter garbage. I don't know how many of you enjoy them as you do but you do so i won't abandon them like i wish i could but instead i will rewrite them. This way i can be satisfied with what i wrote and i will still use all of your reviews.

When they are completed they will all be taken down and completly redone. If you have any complaints about it please tell me. I will also keep all reviews in mind when i remake my stories. Hopefully they improve and i will also be adding one or more fics to my list. When i begin posting the stories they will be updated weekly like ive wanted to do.

Please message me if you ever have any questions, complaints, or criticisms about my stories, chapters, or me personally.

I used to have another account http://www.fanfiction.net/u/1426749/Ai-half-demon. The stories are horrible but I will be remaking them soon.

I also have an account on Fiction Press http://www.fictionpress.com/u/713108/Incognito77 please feel free to check it out.

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