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The image which I hope well fit is my cat Peanut Pounce Alot, his image is a way for him to keep living, for he had to put to sleep over two years ago becuse of cancer. He was a funny, purring, loveable nut. :) 12-6-2013

The most current one is to the left my other half Dan J and I.

Hi all I am a new reader of fan stories on line. My self I have low vision. Also a have a problem with english and spelling, English USA. So if some my wording is bad please be understand. I am an enjoyer of Anne McCaffrey and her co-writers work. Star Trek and other SF works

Also a few of the 80 shows, I'm in to Classic Knight Rider, Airwolf, and MacGyver. cartoon wise Bravestarr and few others

I am slowing understand some of the AU and am enjoying myself reading. I also am think of doing some fan writing later.


I know I haven't publish much here, but if you look up Archive of Our Own look for GinnyStar you well find my work in progress there. Some of it is take longer then I thought.

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