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July 22nd 2009

Hello. I dont even know if anyone is reading my stories anymore or anything. But for whoever is, my finals have ended and so has school, meaning... I will probably update one of my stories soon. For Race to the Finish I am trying really hard to think of how this story is going to go, so please just bear with the long wait for a little while more. A bit more reviews would be appreciated.

For In Debt I dont even know if anyone likes this story. However, ive got some good ideas for this story. The main pairing in this is, of course Hitsumatsu.

Suggestions for any one of my stories are appreciated. Conscrutive critisism as well.

Well, i started out just watching Bleach as an experiment, But now im hooked. Its got me watching new episode each week and new manga updates.

I'd have to say that one of the best couples in the whole series is ...


man.. its got me youtubin and looking for updates on anything that has to do with this couple.

Others I like...

Unohana x Ukitake

Unohana x Zaraki

Kyouraku x Nanao

Yoruichi x Urahara

Ichigo x Orihime

Renji x Rukia

However, my readings dont just pertain to these couples. If the writer has written an amazing story, I read it.

Couple i hate:


I mean i see where you can put two and two together and get this couple. I started out thinking that they were a good couple but when the whole Aizen and the betrayal thing happened man I just hoped that Hinamori would die.
Its getting kind of annoying that she keeps asking Hitsugaya to save Aizen. I mean come on! Get it through your head. He's a traitor, he stabbed you, and you attacked your best friend. However Im starting to like her a bit more as more chapters of Bleach come out. Its great that shes finally kinda accepting it. If your up to date you know what i mean.

I didn't mean to offend any Hitsuhina fans out there. If i did, Im sorry.

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If you could read that put it in your profile

Yeah well.. i hope my stories are good. Enjoy...

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