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Wow, its been a while, huh? I'm 23, an architect & written below is stuff that is still valid (and reminds me of a different period of time, hence preserved for posterity's sake) but it is sadly unlikely that i will ever find myself using fanfiction that much ever again.

Come find me on ao3, my pick of poison these days is Voltron Legendary Defender. :)


I'm a soon to be twenty year old procrastinator, a bookaholic and i love reading almost as much as music. I enjoy writing and drawing when the muses move me (although they don't move me as much as i would like.) Also, I'm an architecture student, and i'm currently in a love-hate relationship with it.

I've recently been trying to write more often, and i've visited this site after quite some time (almost two years, to be precise). English is my second language, and I love writing whether or not i do it often enough. Please do leave feedback on how you like my writing, and how i can improve it, constructive criticism is much appreciated :)

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PROJECTS: (discontinued unless highly motivated/ sorry!)

1. Fallen (A vampire knight fanfiction) :

2. Dragons of destiny (yes, i do intend to edit it and then continue it, just as soon as i find some free time. *sighs*)

4. Oxymoron (A bleach fanfiction)

5. Several songfics that have been buzzing in my head. (Mostly VK and Naruto)

I write mostly on fictionpress/wattpad now, although i still visit fanfiction to read (and COMMENT: thats very important, guys)

I will probably keep posting things (erratic though they might be) here, should my muses decided to push me in such a direction. I will also take requests/prompts from anyone interested. PM me.



(formerly ShadowBlade7330/Bloolily)

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