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Hello!! Welcome to my profile! I'm not exactly sure what to put up here . . .

Name: Kurenai (not really, but if you're reading Fangrlz, you'll understand me when I say it's my alternate persona . . . my Naruto name)

Occupation: I'm a college girl (woot!), undiscovered author . . . I will be famous one day, though! (maybe the next J. K. Rowling . . . )

Age: I am legal . . . what that means? You decide.

Favorite Anime/Manga: anything by Hayao Miyazaki (awesome dude!), Naruto, Avatar: the Last Airbender (America's only creation worthy of the term "anime"), Inuyasha, Blood (a bit dark, but amazing), FullMetal Alchemist, Ayashi no Ceres (the manga . . . the anime just looks weird), Red River, Vampire Knight, and Absolute Boyfriend . . . there are more, but those are my tops

Favorite Authors: Stephenie Meyer (need I say more?), Kristan Britain (Green Rider rocks!), Dean Koontz (Odd Thomas is great!), James Patterson (his Maximum Ride series), Garth Nix (three cheers for the Abhorsen trilogy), Eoin Colfer (ah, Artemis Fowl) . . . again, many more besides

Music: I listen to a plethora of styles . . . except maybe rap and really hard-core, heavy metal . . . my iPod holds from artists like Celtic Woman and Enya to Disturbed and DragonForce . . . you could say that I'm . . . cultured . . .

Completed Projects:

Fangrlz: (A Naruto fic) Five ordinary high school girls are thrown into the Naruto world and paired with characters they either like . . . or hate. Can they learn to survive in a world of ninja? Can they ever get home? Do they even want to leave? -- Deleted scenes will be posted in a new story ("Fangrlz: Deleted Scenes") as they come into being. The first is already up for your enjoyment.

Fangrlz II: Legends: The girls have returned to the Naruto world, but there's no returning to the way things were. War is on the horizon, and choices must be made that will change them forever. Can they - and their friendship - survive the horrors of a shinobi war? -- Sequel to Fangrlz. Deleted scenes will be posted in a new story ("Fangrlz II: Deleted Scenes") as they come into being. The first is already up for your enjoyment.

Current Projects (and updates on those projects):

Fangrlz: Deleted Scenes: Here be little snippets from Fangrlz -- some silly, some serious -- that did not make it into the final cut. -- Like it sounds, these are little extra scene bunnies that pop into my head every now and again. They usually don't really fit into the flow of the main fic, so I stick them here with indications of about what time frame they take place. I guess they sort of account for any missing time that might occur in Fangrlz. It's updated sporatically between main updates of Fangrlz II. I have no idea how many there will be, but as they come into being, I'll share them.

Juusanbi: (A Naruto fic) Tobi claimes that Itachi "killed his lover," but who was she, what happened to her, and how much does Tobi really know? The tale starts when Itachi is still a genin and follows the young Uchiha as he grows and discovers his capacity to love. -- A little pet project of mine. Updated whenever I get a chapter done . . . Depends mostly on how much I can get written. As of 07-13-09, posted through Chapter 33 (working on 34). Some future bits and pieces have been written as well, ready to be inserted when the story gets to them; epilogue has already been written, too, so I know how I want it to end (getting there's the issue now). Part II is now started. Estimated length: unknown chapter number, but three Parts to be sure. I'm trying to keep this one true to the actual anime/manga as long as I can, but it will definitely become an AU in Part III, which will be explained in the Epilogue as to why it's an AU.

Jewel of the Gods: (A Green Rider fic) When a strangely-clad woman emerges from Blackveil Forest, Garth is convinced by her actions that she is a Rider. He takes her under his wing and teaches her the way of Sacoridia. But does her dark past hold the key to Sacoridia's triumph or demise? -- This one is updated irregularly. As soon as I finish a chapter, I post it. I guess you could consider this an AU. It's set after High King's Tomb and crossed with an as-of-yet unrevealed anime/manga. Telling you now would give away some plot, I believe. As of 07-13-09, posted through Chapter 6 and working on Chapter 7 (Sorry for taking so long! This one's harder than my others, GAH!). The chapters for this one are longer than my others, so they take a bit more time. Plus, the plot bunny dictating this fic to me can't seem to make up its mind about where it wants this to go . . . ugh. On standby: Seeking possible Beta for this? Contact me if you're interested!

Projects in-the-works/possibly to come (names not in stone):

That's Not in the Script: (A Naruto/Harry Potter crossover fic) "Boys and girls, meet your new selves. You six -- as well as others from your worlds -- will be trading places with each other, living their lives, going through their adventures, and all that jazz," D answers brightly. -- Yeah . . . some crazy idea that popped into my head when noticing some similarities between the Hogwarts trio and a certain Squad 7. Things are about to get interesting . . . very interesting . . . As of 10-27-08, written only one chapter . . . the basic introduction and whatnot. I'll probably want a beta (or two) for this one too. I think it'll be more fun/interesting to have someone to work with in coming up with ideas. Contact me if you're interested!

The Heart of Fire: (An Avatar: The Last Airbender fic) The sources of bending taught in the history books are not the true sources. Something greater was at work in the beginning of the Avatar world. Now, with the war at its peak, a choice must be made -- one promise kept, and another broken. AU -- I put the first two chapters of this up at one point in time, but after a strong suggestion from AvocadoLove (thanks again for your input), I took it down for revisions -- major revisions. Some points were a bit too unbelievable to work, so I'm giving it an overhaul. Semi-crossover with one of my original stories that I was writing when Avatar first aired. Some points were rather similar, and this fic has been begging to be written ever since.

Equinox: (A Twilight crossover fic) Seth has finally found the other half of his soul, or at least, he thinks he has. All he really knows is that she's in trouble, deep trouble. But the question is: In a world of vampires, werewolves, and changlings, could there be something worse? -- An idea that came to me a while back before Breaking Dawn came out. I started to write it then, but after reading BD, I decided to change some things. It had originally been about Jacob, but I think Seth would definitely work better now. Anyway, it's going to be a crossover with an as-of-yet-unnamed anime. Telling it straight out would ruin the plot. I only really have have a sketchy outline for it, but I think it'll be good when I get to writing it.

The Lucky One: (A Harry Potter fic) Felix Felicis is liquid luck. Or, at least, it’s supposed to be. Really, I should have known better before downing that little bottle. Potions – following some weird, twisted, mocking law of nature – have never agreed with me. -- A little plot bunny that's been bugging me lately about a girl who for some inexplicable reason reacts to most potions in the opposite way that they're intended. It's set in modern times, after Voldemort has been defeated, and it might end up being a crossover with something. I don't really know at this point. I'm playing it by ear at the moment, with just a small portion of the first chapter written. Heck, even the title is iffy.

To Fix a Blade: (A Break Blade fic) The silver golem wasn't the only one hidden in that quartz mine. There is a second -- a black golem -- that holds the key to the secrets of the Ancient technology. However, there's a slight twist. The original pilot of the black golem still lives. -- Break Blade is a fairly new manga out, at least in English. I don't know about the Japanese version. Anyway, it hasn't gotten very far (only 8 chapters out at this point) but I have an idea for a fic that I'm going to write starting at the end of the 8th chapter. I'll take any new chapters into account as I work on it, and I don't really know where this little plot bunny is going, but I like the idea for it so far. I've written the prologue plus two and a half chapters (already about to 9000 words) I believe these chapters are going to be longer than my usual ones, roughly 3000 a piece except for the prologue, with is rather short (about 800 words).

Music Note: For those of you reading Fangrlz, the soundtrack can be found in the End promised for my Juusanbi readers, here's the first section of that fic's soundtrack. I'm building it up as I post, so if there's a specific chapter that has a song, it'll show up here once I post that chapter. The songs that pertain to more specific sections/chapters are marked with those sections/chapters. I hope you like it, and do keep reading! The best is yet to come!


1. Dirty Little Secret -- The All-American Rejects (general Part 1 Itachi theme)

2. Rush -- Aly & AJ (general Part 1 Kimi theme)

3. Unwanted -- Avril Lavigne (Chapter 11)

4. Dewdrops -- Kajiura Yuuki (Chapter 12 -- Kimi's lullaby)

5. If Everyone Cared -- Nickleback (Chapter 12)

6. Changes -- 3 Doors Down (Chapters 12-13)

7. Say Goodbye -- Skillet (Chapter 14)

8. Iris -- The Goo Goo Dolls (general Part 2 Itachi theme)

9. Chemicals React Remix -- Aly & AJ (general Part 2 Kimi theme)

10. Drops of Jupiter -- Train (Chapters 16-17)

11. Ordinary Miracles -- Sarah McLachlan (Chapter 18 -- Kimi's song)

12. Breathing -- Yellowcard (Chapter 23)

13. Mona Lisa Overdrive -- Don Davis (Chapters 30-32)

Image Note: I draw a lot, and now that we're to that point in the Fangrlz fic, I'll link you all to pictures/illustrations I've drawn for it (if I can figure out just how to do that . . .).

Title Page (sort of): Finally finished with all five girls! -- here

First Kiss (from Chapter 61): Line art is -- here and full color is -- here

ANNOUNCEMENT: Now, on Gaiaonline, there is a guild for all my lovely Fangrlz readers, so please do come and join Fangrlz United! For those of you without a Gaia account, I have made a forum here entitled "Fangrlz!", so come on down! (or up, or over, or whatever)

Well, I think that's it. I hope you enjoy my writing!

Destiny's Hand

P.S. I'd like to know what all my readers think in my new poll! The results will probably dictate which new fic I focus my free-writing time on!

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