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Name: Xynth (Pronounced Zinth)

Age: 24

Gender: Male

Hobbies: Reading, Gaming, and Golf.

Been awhile since I updated this...bout four years...yeeeeaaaah...First off, Lyrical Nights is dead. Grew too big and ambitious. Would've been awesome if executed well. Like... fucking phenomenal. Then I realized that I really can't be bothered to sit down and write something that's not being graded for a class or necessary for me to keep my job. Props to the people whom actually can write and whom write well. Those of you that still suck. Stop clogging up my browser with your shit.

I'm an asshole online and oftentimes in real life. Usually for lulz. Sometimes for real. I usually don't write reviews. If I do, it's because I've been lurking for a long time and feel I should finally chime in, I have something I feel is actually relevant to say about the story, I just like your story that much, or you completely fail at writing and probably life as well. Because while being able to tell a story is hard, doing so with proper spelling and grammar is not. You are taught to use them from a very young age and it seems like the teaching never fucking stops because so many of you fucking fail so goddamn hard. Minor, occasional mistakes are acceptable because one can get caught up while writing. ONE SHOULD NEVER HAVE TO TRANSLATE ENTIRE SENTENCES AND PARAGRAPHS WHILE READING.

I Fave stories so that I can go back and look at them for reference later. That doesn't mean that you write well. It just means I feel you're worth a second look later. Your story can honestly suck but if the premise is interesting I'll toss it up.

Can't be bothered to type any more. Please exit through the conveniently marked doorways and pay no attention to the man behind the curtain.

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