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Hi everyone.

Was drunk for months on fanfics, reading every good fic I could get my hands on, and now, the writer in me kicked the ReadingAddict in the shins, and woke him up.

I have started writing 3 fics.

1) A Harry x Azula fic which will be set in Harry Potter Universe in which Azula remembers her previous life in ALTA with Harry and is determined to help Harry overcome his past once again, but this time with Azula at his side.

(Azula still is a fire-bending prodigy in HP world while Harry bends more then two elements and is powerful in his own right.)

2) A Harry potter fic in which Harry has a little sister who is abandoned by Dumbledore and is left in a neglected orphanage. She is constantly bullied and dreams of someone coming to free her from the horrible place. Harry doesn't know about her. Will they ever meet? is she a witch a surprise twist.

3) A fic set in Marauder Era.

All 3 fics are being written together. Hope I'm able to complete them

Stay tuned.

Be Wise Like A Monk ️️

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