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Hey hey! It's BlueChickie123.

N a m e: Call me Blue

G e n d e r: Female, DUH!

P a s t P e n n a m e s: Sweet Angel Of Despair, DeepxBLUExOcean

-- P e A C e ! --

Great Friends List:

A n n i e C h a n (LoveAndHeartbreak) - She's awesome. A great writer and an awesome AMV maker. I'm so happy that I met her. She really is a great friend and she supports crack pairings like me. xD I lurve you, Annie~!!

R i l e y 'R y' (Brunetteshipper) - I just got back from hacking her profile. She's a great friend. She makes great stories but she's taking a break from making AMV's. Aww... T_T. Ry is a little bit on the crazy side just like meh. I lurve you, Ry~!!

M y S t o r i e s:

~ None

S t o r y I d e a s:

N o t e:
If you want to use any of my story ideas, PM me. Oh, and when you decide to use some of my ideas, don't forget to give me some credit. Kay?

~ A Girl That Could Leave You With A Broken Heart - Category: Naruto (Or any Anime, Game, etc.) / Main couple: Any I'll start writing this when I feel like it.


He looked out the window, stared at the luminous moon. He thought about how stupid he was to fall for her. Then, he sipped a little beer from the can he's holding. He stared at the moon again and finished every last drop of his beer. When he thought about her face, he suddenly tightened his grip on the can, crushing it completely and threw it on the floor where it lay completely forgotten.

--Couples that I love or like--


LOVE Brunettshipping (Gary x May) Even though they haven't met in the anime, they're still cute together and I LOVE this shippy.
LIKE Orangeshipping (Tracey x Misty) - I don't know why but... I like it.
LOVE Pearlshipping (Ash x Dawn) -
I love it. My fave. Ash x girl couple.
LIKE Cheerfulshipping (Kenny x May) - I started liking it when I watched a video on youtube. No fics about them though.
LOVE AdvanceCloneshipping (Ritchie x May) - I think it's better than Advanceshipping. Can anyone tell me if they read any fics about these two?
LOVE Calendarshipping (Barry x May) - I like the idea of these two together. But, I can't find any fics about them. T_T
LOVE OutCryshipping/FarAwayshipping (Paul x May) - I love this. Brunetteshipping is still number one though.


LIKE NaruIno (Naruto x Ino) - I just like them together that's all.
LIKE NaruSaku (Naruto x Sakura) -
Simply adorable.
LOVE SasuIno (Sasuke x Ino) - I love love love this couple.
LOVE KibaIno (Kiba x Ino) - KYAA!! Too adorable to hate.
LOVE ItaIno (Itachi x Ino) -
He's way better than Sasuke, in my opinion.

--Characters that I love or like--


LOVE May - I love her. She's beautiful AND talented. How could people hate her? She's a lot like me.
LIKE Brendan - He's just too cute. So I like him.
LIKE Brock - He's funny that's why I like him.
LOVE Gary - He's old egotistical self is the one that made me like him.
LOVE Ritchie - I find him better than Ash, somehow.


LOVE Ino - I love her 'cause she's cool, strong AND beautiful. Why do people hate her?
LIKE Kiba - I like him. I like Akamaru too.
LOVE Itachi - Way much more cooler than Sasuke, in my opinion.

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L o v e I s A C r a z y T h i n g T h a t E v e r y o n e I s A f t e r.

A s F o r M e,

I m A f t e r C a k e A n d C h o c o l a t e.


Understand those who are clutching their stomachs in pain,


Understand those who are clutching their stomachs in hunger...

Now, Give me a cookie!


If you hate the couples/shippings or characters that I like, don't flame me or say that these shippings or characters are stupid, ugly, etc.

Ray is just a made-up character to keep me entertained.

Brunetteshipping = Gary & May

This might be the most boring Profile yet!

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