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Bonjour mes amies :)

So I was googling one of my favorite tv shows, saw someones fic in the results and got hooked on fanfiction. I read and read and read. Got the bug to write (always loved it) and actually joined a few years ago. I did a few stories in the Flight 29 Down fandom lol and then went on a long hiatus. Then I saw Inception and BAM. Now I'm back and inspired and hopefully my writing has improved and matured. I feel it has, and I feel like the way I view relationships is more realistic than in the few high school centered fics I dabbled in in the past. (Which have all been thankfully deleted).

Graphics (made by me unless otherwise stated below) themed towards each multi-chapter story of mine. Please don't share or post anywhere else without alerting me and giving credit.

01: Say It
02: The Hollow Men
03: Follow The Red
04: Hooded
05: With You
06: Uncertainty
07: Sweet Child Of Mine

Face claims for OC's and more! This section gets you more in depth in the stories.

CH02: Ariadne's Couples Ball Outfit
CH02: Keener Face Claim
CH03: Pinney Face Claim
CH03: Miner Face Claim
CH12: Arthur's Song

CH12: Ariadne's Wedding Outfit
CH12: Song for Ariadne's 1st Dance
CH12: Song for A/A's Dance
CH15: Ariadne's Australian Date Outfit
CH18: Ariadne's Dress in Arthur's Nightmare

CH04: Grant Face Claim
CH04: Mila Face Claim
CH15: James and Philippa's Lullaby (Sung by JGL)
CH21: Easton and Allivia Face Claims

CH03: Ariadne's 7yo Airport Outfit
CH04: Ariadne/Alex's Picture Display @ Funeral
CH08: Ariadne's Show Outfit and Pippa's Costume/Cake
CH10Gavin Russo Face Claim
CH15: Ariadne's Club Outfit
CH16 Sneak: Arthur's Karaoke Performance
CH21: Arthur and Ariadne's Tattoos
CH25:Adeline, Austin and Adam's Face Claims
CH32: Flowergirl and Bridesmaids
CH32: Groom, Groomsmen and Ring Bearer
CH32: Venue, Reception and Cake
CH32: Ariadne's Wedding Dress, Hair and Bouquet

CH01: Greg/Sydney/Chloe Talesco
CH01:Ender Talesco
CH03: Chloe's Lunch Stuff,Chloe's Manicure AND Chloe's Pedicure
CH05: A/C's Cupcake Date AND Chloe's Stuffed Elephant, Penny
CH06: Chloe's Room
CH07: Ender's Big Boy Bed
CH07: ChloeOutfits1,ChloeOutfits2 AND ChloeOutfits3
CH08: Bluebird Brunch, Chloe's Nightgown AND Chloe's Annie Outfit
CH11: Natalie Bourgeois Face-Claim AND Arthur and Chloe's Shoes
CH14: A/A/Ender/Chloe AND Ari&Kids AND Younger Kids AND BabyChloe&ToddlerBooger
CH19: EamesAndEnder AND EamesAndChloe AND Ari'sHouseUpstairs AND Ari'sHouseDownstairs
H28: EnderLillyandFriends AND Dreamer's Day Picture
H29: Talesco Family Xmas AND Excited Ender Selfie (with parents in bground) AND Happily Ever After in London

Coming Soon:

Oneshot about a very long road trip Ariadne tricks Arthur into taking. And the things he discovers he really likes (maybe loves?) about her on the journey.
AU Arthur is a prince who needs to marry to inherit the throne. Ariadne is one of many ladies in the country with noble blood being thrown at him by her well to do grandfather Miles. She has no interest in marriage especially to a royal however Arthur is certainly interested in her.
Arthur and Ariadne team up as exclusive business partners and Arthur molds Ariadne into the perfect dreaming, evading, con machine. He needs someone who'll willingly give up their tangible life in reality and live with him in the shadows. Someone who'll live like a ghost as he does. Ariadne's perfect for it. But when things between them get heated and physical then emotions he's not supposed to let himself have until she officially gives up her old life starts to ruin his plans for the future. Especially when she decides she may have had enough and wants her normalcy back. Probably will be steamier than some of my other stories. It definitely won't be dark and gory like Hooded but grittier in a sense of their criminality and sexual tension. Like my oneshot Love is a Temple on steroids.
Multi-chap. The team is called in to rebel against the government and their harvest/manipulation of neurotransmitters and hormones.
DANDELIONS AND BULLETHOLES: AU. Ariadne is the eldest daughter of a high ranking Nazi soldier during the height of World War 2 in German occupied France. Arthur is one of the soldiers she despises (at first).

Favorite Ships:

Arthur and Ariadne (Inception)
Nick and Jordan (Great Gatsby)
Quinn and Huck (Scandal)
Olivia and Jake Ballard (Scandal)
Eleven and Clara (Doctor Who)
Izzy and Luca (The East)
Katniss and Gale (Hunger Games)
Joel and Clementine (Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind)
Kitty Pryde/Shadowcat and Bobby/Iceman (X Men)
Emma and Norman (Bates Motel)

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