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The first and foremost thing to know about me is that i have an imagination that knows no limits. This is probably the primary reason i write my own original works in addition to fan fiction.

I once wrote a "sequel" to the book, The Outsiders, by S.E Hinton. My sequel took alot of liberties with time, i placed the characters in the present time and the story was written from Sodapop's perspective. However, i really need to tweak the story before posting it here, as i have seen so many great writers that intimidate me, haha.

I used to write so much more than i do now, which is why im here. I hope that i can get motivated to write again, because it really does make me happy. (cheesy, i know)

Things to know about me as a writer and reader of fan fiction:

I hate reading pointless angst, excessive angst, avoidable angst, basically any angst at all unless its done realistically. Too many writers fall into the trap of 'emo'-like angst that annoys the hell out of me. My own personal life has way too many unfortunate events and reading about it and writing it are not too high on my list of things to do.

I am an action/adventure kind of girl. I love action movies and wish that people like Lara Croft and Indiana Jones actually existed. The stories I write are generally full of action-y situations and events, which is fun to write, and fun to imagine. I love romance as well, but in my writing the romance takes place in tandem with the action instead of dominating the story line. Once again, my realistic nature overrides the usual call for sappy, unrealistic, and constant romance and sweet relationship scenes.

No one falls in love overnight, and I tend to try and show a relationship being built from the ground up.

I switch reading and writing for certain fandoms fairly often. It usually happens when Ive read all the good stuff and all the new stuff that gets churned out isn't my cup of tea. I sometimes lose my desire to update for certain stories, either for lack of time, recognition or just plain lack of motivation, it happens. I will finish my stories, though!!

Questions? Comments? PM message me :)

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