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Hello from LavenderHillLove! I'm part of a rare species, the Azulaang fan. I wish there were more stories for this pairing but since there aren't I'm trying my best to fill the void by writing my own. I appreciate a good Kataang and Zutara story so if you're writing one or can recommend a good one feel free to PM me. In the future I might write stories with a pairing other than Azula x Aang but for now I'm sticking to my favorite pairing.

I want to spread the word of the Azulaang ship (why should Zutara have all the fun?). If you want to help me with this, want updates on my writings or just want to chat feel free to PM or follow me on twitter and/or tumblr:

Twitter Name: LavenderHilLove (one less "L")

Tumblr Name: LavenderHillLove (spelled correctly)


June 13, 2013: We have fan art! I've made it my new icon and it's just beauitful. We owe a huge THANK YOU to kathuon!!!! Check out her other art work at: http:///

June 10, 2013: It's Azulaang Week on tumblr! SO...of course I am going to participate! Please show your love for the ship and check out the stories. Don't forget to follow me on tumblr and send me a message!

May 14, 2013: I have finally updated for The Princess and The Avatar! Go check it out and please please please REVIEW!!! I need the feedback!!!

April 21, 2013: I hope everyone had a good weekend! So announcement time. First, I'm super excited to welcome a new writer to the Azulaang ship! eagle eyes98 has written a new twist to our favorite pairing! Check out the link below and please share the love by reviewing! Second, I have a new one-shot for Urzai Month up. It's short but it's my take on Ursa being a master fighter. Finally, just reassurance that I have not abandoned my stories but am trying my best to write and post. It sucks to wait this long but I'm trying.

April 3, 2013: I have a new one-shot up in honor of Urzai Month! Short, sweet story please check it out and don't forget to review! For more great submissions check out urzaimonth on tumblr.

April 2, 2013: For those of you who have a tumblr (or need a great reason to have one) it's Urzai Month! Follow urzaimonth for a calendar list of what each day's themes are. There are some really great pieces posted. Please take a look and submit your own work! If you do submit your own work send me a PM or a message on tumblr so I can promote it!

March 27, 2013: A new chapter for New Beginning is up! Go check it out and don't forget to review! Also if you are on tumblr and love cool fan art and want the bonus of following someone on the Azula and Aang ship than azulaang is your lady!

March 26, 2013: In case you didn't get an email alert, I have updated The Princess and The Avatar. Keep an eye out for an update on New Beginning. Don't forget to leave reviews!

March 22, 2013: For my The Princess and The Avatar fans I owe you a huge apology for my lack of updating. Since December I've been studying like crazy for my English CSET Exams (a four part exam that defines madness). You're good thoughts and vibes helped me pass the first two sections and I am waiting the results of the last two. Now that some of the pressure if off I am going to use my new found free time to write write write! Please look for an update before the end of the month. I will also be updating for New Beginning before the end of the month as well.

Special Requests

I would really love to see Azulaang fan art. There are a few on tumblr (still learning the site so don't hate!) but if any of my readers want to share their creations I'd love to help you promote it!

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