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Annotations for Kiss the Girl are up, as I have revised the fic under a new title on Ao3: https://archive of our own. org/works/24175753


Given that I'm out of a job and have to embrace this brave new world whether I like it or not, I might as well leave an update on my old profile.

I'm hoping to update some of my old stories and post them to Archive of our Own, where I still go by my username S. Snowflake. This account will become an archive of my early drafts along with annotations for what my creative process was at the time of writing the fan fiction and possible revisions. Given that I've been writing fan fiction for over a decade now, there's a lot to look back on (and cringe over in many cases).

If you're a newcomer who is worried you've stumbled upon an abandoned account, don't fret. I plan to still post new fanfics here whenever inspiration strikes and I'll still be reviewing and following content on this site. Feel free to send me a PM or Beta request. Just don't expect me to respond right away.

- S.S.

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