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Name: MLLu

Member of FanFiction.Net (FFN) and Archive of Our Own (AO3)
I got inspired by everybody who were authors on FFN. I read some of their stories and I was immediately impressed by their creativity. Their writing were magnificent and their ideas were so original. I was intrigued and wanted to contribute to the fandom of anime/manga. Furthermore, I wanted to improve my English language skills and meet people around the world. Thus, I joined FFN. It was a win-win situation.
I do also have an account at AO3 with the same username. My stories are also published there, together with my cover images for my stories in better resolution.

Fanfiction Review Movement (FRM)
fanofthisfiction has established a FanFiction movement called, Fanfiction Review Movement (FRM), which aims to encourage everybody, readers and authors, to review other authors' work they enjoy. Authors live by reviews, especially if they are constructive which is the important key to improve the writing and the story quality on this site. I support it 100%. I hope you will get inspired to join in as well.

Don't just be a reader, be encouraging. Please, leave a review! #SupportFanfictionReviewMovement #SupportFRM

My stories

In progress:

Naruto: Childhood Memories
This is my first Naruto story. It was known as Childhood Memoirs before.
It's a collection of one-shots about the different characters' childhood memories. I got the inspiration to write Naruto: Childhood Memories when I watched episode 76. It was about Gaara when he was a child. I actually considered to write a FanFic only about Gaara but then I thought, that it would be funnier to write about the other characters' childhoods too. So this is the result of it!
In every one-shot the genre varies between the different characters whom I portray.
If I have time, I think I'm going to write all the protagonists' childhoods. Please, vote in my poll to have an influence on who my next one-shot should focus on.

I have already written Gaara's, Shikamaru's, Kiba's, Lee's, Naruto's and Kakashi's childhood. Please, check them out if you haven't already.

If you like to see the cover pictures I have made for my one-shots in better resolution, head over to my AO3 account. Same username as here.

Note: I haven't started on the 7th one-shot yet but I do have some ideas for it. Thus, I don't know when it will be published. In Q3-Q4 hopefully.


The Awkward First Date
My second Digimon FanFic and my first Romance/Humor story ever. I seriously never thought that I could write a romance story but here it is. It's about Ken's and Yolei's first date with each other. Things are not going as it should be and to make it even more worse their friends have decided to spy on them while they are dating

This story has been received very nicely. Thank you so much!


Digimon Adventure: Dark Times Emerge
This is my first Digimon FanFic and also my very first story on The first story I ever read on was a Digimon story so I decided that my first FanFic should also be a Digimon-fic. You could say that this is a guinea-pig.
Note: I have decided to quit this story. It's too big of a mouthful to handle. If one of you want to continue it, send me a PM and I'll send you the chapters. Thereby, you can post them on your account.

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