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Well, I suppose I should begin this by explaining my odd name. I could lie for the sake of confusing my friends if they find this, but I think the truth to the name is much more fun. I have this staple that I named Helena (due to my more recent obession with Helena Bonham Carter) and I carry it around with me everywhere. I've folded one side up and coloured the other red. My friends absolutely hate my staple, but I love her. It sounds insane and I'm sure it is so there's no real point in debating my sanity. Genius is next to madness as I always say (in my defense). And now I also have a little green witch voodoo-esque witch that I carry everywhere. She is named Elphie.

Okay, I have this horrible habit of switching obsessions at alarming rates. Currently, the victim of this is Farscape. That means I'm actually back to straight pairings. Though that's okay because one half of the pairing is Aeryn Sun. There is nothing better than being obsessed with Scifi because they always have the really sexy female aliens. It's just a fact. So... that leads me to Aeryn/Crichton. I love Stark too, just because he is so insane. I hate him one minute because he won't stop whining, and then I love him because he is just awesome. Same with Noranti, though I tend to like her a lot more often. I could go on about Farscape forever. I also love Stargate SG-1. This one goes back a few years to my step-dad buying me the first two seasons. Now I'm hooked on Daniel/Vala, though. Do you see the connection between the two series? Yes, it happens to be Claudia Black. What can I say? I like foreigners. So.. yes, current obsession centering mainly around Aeryn Sun. She is just great.

This is where I swear up and down that I will get fanfic posted, but I'm still scared drenless. I actually have one Chenzel fanfic finished, but I'm way too worried to post it. We'll see... maybe I'll post it.

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