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Re: Faith Story

It's scrapped. I said I was going to do a sequel to 'Not Stealing' starring Faith, and I tried. I tried a lot. Did three different versions. They all sucked. I give up, at least for now.

Re: FMA Story

There are a couple more chapters on my livejournal--my homepage link above--I'll eventually post here when I've gotten them revised and proofread. I've got one more chapter outlined, but I'm totally blocked when it comes to actually writing it. That last chapter is in fact the conclusion, so there's not really much missing from the fic if you go read the livejournal bit. Despite several years hiatus, I do still intend to finish one day.

Since of late I'm more of a reader than a writer, a few peeves:

1) No beta reader AND/OR you don't fix mistakes when they're pointed out to you. I've started reading fics where the author makes some chronic grammar mistakes and keeps making them even after I know they've been told what they're doing wrong--after that I just can't keep reading.

2) "He matured physically and mentally." Arrgh! That phrase gives me the heebie jeebies and since I've only seen it in mediocre to poorly written fics I feel that stopping right there is a well justified decision.

3) Characters reading a lot of books. Being a bit of a bookworm, fine. Spending a few weeks or months reading a lot of textbooks and suddenly developing super powers/mad skillz overnight, not cool. It's just really dumb. Learning doesn't work that way. There are reasons why people go to school for years at a time.

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