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Joined Jul '08

I needed to update my page ;_;

i think i havn't updated since...2010. oh Gosh. lol.

Anyways, Hello, =w= I'm Abbie. i LOVE Teen Titans and Naruto and selected other anime's and shows :3 i love to COSPLAY AND MORE :D

my OTP's are KakaSasu ( Kakashi X Sasuke ) (in That order ) I LOVE sasUKE XD

and i like the occasional NaruSasu and ItaSasu

and Robin X Raven from Teen Titans :3 and Beast boy x Terra :D

i am Anti-Flame. as in i will NOT harass anyone for what they write, even if i don't agree with it. everyone has their own opinions.

and i expect the same treatment from others, don't sit there and flame over my writing ,

i mostly just read fanfictions, but i do enjoy writing them every once in a while : )

so yeah, Enjoy and Stuff i post


Check me out on some other sites if you wish too, i will talk to anyone :3 i love making friends!


my name on facebook is Mac Mcleod (sasu)

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