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I love reading Stories and writing them.

for my own peace at mind Im writing idea for stories here, if anyone wishes to grab the idea and run with it, plz message me to ask.

Name: Frostleaf/ Nightleaf (I lost my other account on here by the name of Frostleaf, well actually I lost my email account and couldnt get back on my first account)

Age: 23

Update on Stories-

9/10/2010- Yes I am working on the next chapter of Human. Working on random scenes from another idea of mine. School not bad. Love math. Love reading. Working on my writing. Yes I know those sentences are wrong, I dont care. Anyone who picks out a mistake in my writing in my stories will be thanked and I will try to fix whatever problem you mention. One more thing, for those of you that read my story and like it. When will someone point out my mistake that I (believe) havent fixed yet?



Human: PSOH. Holy heck, I finish one chapter and I want to write more. weird. Working on chapter 3, turns out it will be Chris/ Gin part and of course this chapter wants to give me problems, looking up names is what is giving me problems, not the writing. After getting out of writing for a bit not Im having problems but I promise that Im getting back into it know.

Summary: What if Leon wasn’t human? What if Chris was the same? What if D knew something was up, but couldn’t figure it out? Until now…

Lion in the Park: PSOH. A one chapter story I'm working one, might turn into more (definitely seems like it will). Not to sure yet. Started but no where near being ready for posting.

Summary: D has always seen animals as themselves, humans with animal traits. What happens when he comes across a lion in a human city? A lion no human could see, a lion with no human form or voice that seems quite protective of him, what’s a Kami to do?


No title: Summary: What if Leon asked Chris about the Count 'dark' dealing and it came out that Chris was seeing people? How would Leon respond?

No title:There is Vampires in the comic but no were creatures? How come I have seen no stories like this and why did I only think of it now? Lots of Ideas for this one. Helping with ideas is ElvinaPotter, who is credited with helping me with most/all of the storyline. Seems like it will be 2 or 3 stories.

Summary: What if Leon got bitten on his job by a werewolf? How would this change the story? Leon/D

No title: Summary: What if D had to take care of his father after he was turned into a child? What if he never left Leon behind but let him to choose to stay or go?

Shadows - Time Travel and Powerful Harry. Prologue being written, ideas until ch 12, not written yet

Really want to write a Kagome/Yoko Kurama pairing story, no actually thought beyond wanting to write one.

Video Games- Harvest Moon series
64- Done- Married Popuri, Karen, and Maria.
StH- Done- Finished only the fishing ending
FoMT- Done
MFoMT- Done
MM- Done
AWL- Done
AnWL- Done- Married Rick
IL- Done
DS- never finished
DSC- could marry game died, never finished
RF- beaten, havent married, planning on Mist
RF2- finished storyline, trying to beat again and with 100%, Married Mana, trying to decided between Ceclia and Dorthy

RF3- planning on buying it. Yeah! Dec 31 2010 release date.

IoH- dont have patience for it

SI- will never beat without codes, never married

(DS game)GB- I brought and its not to bad.

RFF- made it to summer or Fall dungeon

ToT- made it to the beginning of Fall and hit three hurcanes in a roll. Had to stop or I would have broken my Wii

AP- Finally bought it. I have three bells. Almost done green and I foresee Purple making me mad. I like this one much better then ToT.

MLS- Real Life Time just makes this game die after a while. I got every upgrade and animal without add-on content.

Tales series:

Tales of Symphonia- Beaten !st time through. Never made it though the 2nd time.

Tales of Smyphonia 2- Ok so I beat it last night (7/31/10) it only took me, what, two years. *shakes head* Ok, so I ended with a little more then 1,000 Grade. I couldnt get the 10x (2,000 grade) but I dont think the other Tales games give the Grade you use back to you after you use it thats what I swear I read when I used the Grade Shop. So now Im going though the game for the second time and planning on doing all side quests and hopefully all the Katz Quests. If I dont get all the Katz quests and well do all the Side Quests.

Tales of the Abyss- Done 1st time. Never beaten the 2nd time but Im working on it.

Tales of Legendia- Half way and lost the game.

Tales the World 2 - Got to the final boss and never beaten it

Anyone know of any others in English?

I also love the Golden Sun series on the GBA and Im looking forward to having the Golden Sun DS game that it coming out later this year. Legend of Zelda is also a great series.

Fav Quotes:

"No hunter of the sky should end his days as prey. Better to die on the wing then pinned to the ground."

"People have an annoying habit of remembering things they shouldn't"

"A true friend stabs you in the front"

"People condemn what they do not understand"

"But WHY is the rum gone?"

"Your not were thy of the lowest pits of hell!"

"Encourage people to underestimate you, because they'll never see it coming when you take them down."

"Fate is dictated by irony. Either that or a dark sense of humor.”

"The sorrow I feel for the wolves of this world is nothing compared to the sorrow I feel for mankind's own downfall."

"Sanity is overrated, being insane is much more fun."

"My fur is as black as my Heart, then do I weep for the World?"

"If I am to die, let there be fire"

Fav Quotes from Fanfics I read:

Pet Shop of Horrors:

"Detective, contrary to you may believe, you are mortal, and if you scare me like that again I'll prove it."

Of all the things D had given him, a black eye was the most normal.

Lost: One pet shop owner, answers to D, count, and the sound of a pastry box being opened three blocks away.

Leon and Chris had a pact- Leon would let Chris go over to Count D's whenever he wanted, and Chris didn't tell Aunt Sandy about Leon's choice of decor.

"We all know all you think I'm an idiot D- now say that again in words I'll actually understand."

People tried to lure D into things by offering money, women or power, but only Leon found the right method: Sugar.

Leon didn't know whether to be worried or proud that he knew D's quirks well enough that the slightest thinning of the lips could have him heading to Madame C's.

The only thing Leon can say about his verbal jousting with D is that Jill's had to stop accusing him of coming to battles of wits unarmed.

A truce, they'd called a truce. Maybe it was time to rethink his strategy. He'd pulled examples out of their mutual history, thin air, and his own ass, and while D hadn't thrown him out of the shop yet, he still hadn't said anything like yes.

'This is against the laws of California. It's impossible, D!' Leon argued.

'I'm sure our dragon daughter would be disappointed to hear you say we can't get married officially,' D teased Leon.

'Shopping?' Inoue suggested.

'The one word the lady knows in English,' Leon joked.

Somehow Inoue understood that and she giggled happily. Leon winked at her.

Harry Potter Quotes from Fanfics

During the previous time-line, back when he was a Gryffindor, he, Seamus and Dean had decided to play a small prank on Ron and Neville while they were asleep. They had recorded the sound of a motorbike, and played it to coincide with the snores of Ron and Neville. To their utter amazement, the two had soundly slept through the whole thing. After that, the three light sleepers had taken to the game with an amazing display of enthusiasm. They'd each found the loudest, most obnoxious noise they could, and then played it, at full volume.

During the experiment, held at 2am, they'd managed to wake 73 people, out of the 78 in Gryffindor. Since Harry, Dean and Seamus had been awake to perform the test, they'd woken everyone else, who promptly decided to congregate in the sixth year male dorms to voice their displeasure. Ron and Neville had slept through the whole bloody thing, and didn't understand the murderous glances they got the morning after from the rest of the Gryffindors.

Harry rolled his eyes, while waving her comments away with a dismissive wave. "The chicken legs, Hermione! They're teasing me."

"Murphy's Law states; 'whatever can go wrong, will go wrong.'" Harry offered. "However, there is a Potter addendum to the law. The Potter-Murphy Law states; 'whatever can go wrong, will go wrong, with as disastrous result as possible, in the most explosive and embarrassing way.'"

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